CNY Festive Mini Buffet

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Menu NameMin PaxPrice
Abundance Set $238.00 ($254.66 w/ GST)/set for min(12 pax)12$19.83
Longevity Set $368.00 ($393.76 w/ GST) /set for min 15pax12$30.66
Supreme Set $488 ($522.16 w/ GST) /set for min 15pax15$32.53
Auspicious Set - $338.80/set ($361.67 w/GST)1$338.80

Abundance Mini Buffet Set (approx 12 pax)
$238.00 ($254.66 w/ GST)/set (8 Abundant Courses)
$248.00 ($265.36 w/GST)/set for Orders on Feb 15 (Eve), 16, 17, 18, 2018.
All Dishes prepared using Healthier Oils - HPB Approved Caterer

(Fresh Prawns, Crabstick, Tomatoes, Celery, Capsicums in 1000 Sauce)

Served with Garlic Chilli Sauce

(Abalone 10 heads, Dried Scallop, Sea Cucumber, Large Tiger Prawns, Roasted Duck, Chinese Mushrooms, Steamed Yam, Bailing Mushrooms, Black Moss & Broccoli)

Served with Handmade Popiah Skin, Turnip with Carrot, Sweet Sauce, Sambal Chilli, Minced Garlic, Crispy Bits, Grated Peanuts, Eggs, Shredded Cucumber & Coriander Leaves.

Handmade Kueh Pie TIi Shells, Served with SteamedTurnip with Carrots, Sweet Sauce, Signature Crispy Bits, Eggs, Garlic Chilli, with a dash of Coriander Leave