Live Station

To place a catering order for the Live Station menu category that you have selected:

  • Select an option from the menu below if there is more than one
  • You can further select food items within each menu option
  • When ready, click on the "Add to Cart" button


Menu NameMin PaxPrice
Nonya LAKSA with Condiments ($3.75/pax w/GST)200$3.50
Nonya MEE SIAM with Condiments ($3.75/pax w/GST)200$3.50
Prawn Noodle Soup ($4.82/pax w/GST) 200$4.50
Putu mayam (Suitable for Vegetarian) ($2.14/pax w/GST)300$2.00
Hokkien Prawn Noodle ($4.82/pax w/GST)200$4.50
Mee Rebus with GRAVY ($3.75/pax w/GST)200$3.50
Rojak @ $3/pax ($3.21/pax w/GST) for min 250pax250$3.00
Mee Soto Ayam SOUP ($3.75/pax w/GST)200$3.50
Char Kway Teow ($4.28/pax w/GST)200$4.00
Hainanese Chicken Rice ($3.75/pax w/GST)200$3.50
Braised Soy Sauce Chicken with Buns (Kong Bak Pau) ($3.21/pax w/GST)300$3.00
Fried Carrot Cake with Egg ($4.82/pax w/GST)150$4.50
Chicken Congee with Peanuts ($3.75/pax w/GST)200$3.50
Lontong ($3.75/pax w/GST)200$3.50
Roti Prata with Curry Dip ($3.21/pax w/GST)250$3.00
Freshly-Flipped Prata ($5.35/pax w/GST)120$5.00
Dim Sum Combo A ($2.68/pax w/GST)250$2.50
Dim Sum Combo B ($2.68/pax w/GST)250$2.50
Kampong Grilled Chicken Satay ($4.82/pax w/GST)200$4.50
Shrimp Yam Kueh ($1.61/pax w/GST)400$1.50
Chee Cheong Fun ($2.68/pax w/GST)200$2.50
Fish Ball Skewers ($1.61/pax w/GST)300$1.50
Nonya Kueh Pie Tee ($4.28/pax w/GST)200$4.00
Jumbo Egg Epok Epok/ Curry Puffs ($2.68/pax w/GST)300$2.50
Nonya Popiah ($4.28/pax w/GST)200$4.00
Western Chicken Burger ($2.68/pax w/GST)300$2.50
Hot Dog Bun ($1.61/pax w/GST)400$1.50
Spaghetti/ Fuseli Pasta ($6.42/pax w/GST)100$6.00
Fremantle Fish & Chips ($8.56/pax w/GST)100$8.00
Roast New Zealand Ribeye Carving ($9.63/pax w/GST)100$9.00
Roast Whole Baby Lamb Carving ($1016.50 w/GST)1$950.00
Banana & Nutella Crepes ($6.42/pax w/GST)150$6.00
Freshly Baked Waffles ($8.56/pax w/GST)150$8.00
Es Chendol ($5.35/pax w/GST)60$5.00
Assorted Ice Cream CONE ($2.35/pax w/GST)400$2.20
Assorted Ice Cream POTONG ($1.18/pax w/GST)600$1.10
Popcorn ($267.50 w/GST)1$250.00
Candy Floss 3 hr@ $250.00 ($267.50 w/GST)1$250.00