5 Must-Have Singapore Dishes For This Chinese New Year

Are you ready for the Chinese New Year? Hopefully, you’re planning to have your family gathering catered so you can enjoy the company of loved ones instead of toiling in the kitchen. Take a look at some of the must-have dishes to include at your catered Chinese New Year feast!

Nonya Mee Siam

Noodles are essential for any Chinese New Year feast. Their long length symbolises long life and happiness. At Eatz Catering, we ensure a cross-cultural exchange with the wonderful Nonya Mee Siam served with fresh limes, chives, Tau Pok, hard-boiled eggs, prawns, sambal, and gravy. Some menus substitute fried seafood Mian Xian instead.


All types of seafood are considered lucky for your Chinese New Year catered feast, so our catering service in Singapore includes a variety of seafood options for each CNY menu plan. Fish indicates prosperity and plenty, so we provide a Golden Creamy Salted Egg Fish Fillet, Grandma’s Sambal Large Prawns, and Wok-fried shelled prawns with cereal and butter. Some of our menus include fish maw soup, served with shredded chicken, crab meat, and dried scallops.

Paradise Treasure Pot

A tempting array of various foods all in one dish, the classic Treasure Pot is a favourite for many families at New Year’s. Our team created a richly flavoured pot featuring dried scallops, abalone heads, sea cucumber, large tiger prawns, roasted duck, Chinese mushrooms, steamed yams, black moss, broccoli, and Bailing mushrooms. The Paradise Treasure Pot is an optional addition to our regular Chinese New Year menus.

Raw Fish Salad

As part of your New Year feast, indulge in a delightful Prosperity Wealth Fa Cai Yu Sheng with Smoked Salmon. This traditional raw fish salad encourages wealth and long life, and is typically eaten with a variety of special sayings or wishes. The fish represents abundance, the spices are said to attract valuables, and the circles of poured oil encourage wealth to flow into the family from every side.

Kueh Lapis

The traditional rice flour pudding called Kueh Lapis is more than just a beautiful, multi-layered, colourful cake— it’s a key part of Malay and Peranakan tradition and definitely distinctively Singaporean. Along with Teow Chew Yam Pasta with Pumpkin and Gingko Nuts, your favourite Singapore caterer supplies Prosperity Chinese Kueh Lapis as the perfect Singaporean dessert to end the feast.

Menu Options and Pricing

Most of our Chinese New Year menu options include versions of all these special traditional dishes; but some are more decadent and luxurious than others. Remember, everything in our menu are certified HALAL! We have price points available for families of any budget and parties of any size. CNY menu plans range from $11.80 per person for a group of 80 guests, to our most indulgent buffet at $53.80 per person for a group of 30 people. There’s also a mid-priced option for family groups of 30 at $22.80 per person.

To see the full array of menus and prices, visit Eatz Catering’s website. Placing your order is easy to do online; but if you have questions, our friendly staff is ready to help you. Just call us or email us, and we’ll help you arrange all the details for your event.