5 Tips for Hosting Corporate Events

Corporate events serve a number of helpful purposes. A corporate lunch can inspire fresh energy and vigour among your employees. Thanks to a corporate seminar, your clients or employees come away with a new understanding of your business and its goals. A corporate dinner celebrates new products or special achievements within your business or field. If you’re planning a similar event in Singapore in the near future, check out these helpful tips for hosting corporate gatherings.

1. Explore Corporate Venue Options

Singapore is home to hundreds of event spaces. Some of them, like The Working Capitol, have modular furniture that you can configure to suit your needs. Others, like the rooftop of the Raintr33 Hotel Singapore, include special features like a pool. Maxwell Chambers, located deep in the business district, offers 22 different rooms that can be customised for corporate events.

The Suntec Rewards Lounge, Collision 8 space, and Huone Events Hotel Singapore are just a few of the many additional options.

2. Examine Furniture and Comfort

When you’re selecting a venue to host your next corporate event, take a careful look at the accommodations. Are the chairs comfortable? Is there adequate lighting for the activities you have planned? Will you need tables or other furniture pieces? Find out how close the bathrooms are to your space. If your venue does not provide tables, chairs, and other essentials, call Eatz Catering and ask about adding furniture rentals to your catering order. Our catering in Singapore can supply seating, tables, table linens, dinnerware, and other necessities related to event hosting and dining.

3. Check for Technology Availability and Equipment Rentals

Also, determine what technology is available within the room. If you will need extra screens, projectors, a SmartBoard, audio equipment, or other supplies, find out if the venue has those items on site or if you will need to rent them and have them delivered to the space.

4. Confirm Singapore Catering and Venue Regulations

Before you commit to hosting your corporate event at a particular venue, ask if they permit outside catering. The last thing you want to do is worry about food, especially when you’re arranging all the details for a big corporate event. Once you’ve determined that outside Singapore catering is permitted at the venue, visit the Eatz Catering website to check out our options.

5. Check Singapore Catering Menu Options

Eatz Catering can provide a variety of food for your guests. We do BBQ buffets for more relaxed occasions, especially when the event is partially held outdoors. Our website also features five different corporate buffet menus, each featuring several delicious courses. We also provide mini buffets for groups of 12 people, including a luxurious Supreme Set that is sure to impress your colleagues or potential clients. To add points of interest, you could have live stations at your event; or you could choose to go with our full-day or half-day seminar catering.

Whenever you’re ready to choose the menu for your catered event, you can do so online through our easy ordering process, or you can call Eatz Catering directly to arrange all the details. With our excellent food and superior service, the food at your corporate event is sure to be a success.