6 Handy Catering Shortcuts

Are you interested in improving traffic flow, stretching your budget, and keeping your venue neat at your next event? Steal these six handy catering shortcuts and use them for big catered celebrations or for small parties at home.

Shortcut #1: Strategic Arrangement

Some Singapore caterers can help you save money and make the more expensive foods last longer by arranging them strategically on the buffet line. Place the cheaper, more plentiful foods first, such as rice dishes and noodle dishes. More expensive or less plentiful dishes belong near the end of the line. By the time your guests reach those items, their plates will be mostly full and they won’t take as much.

Shortcut #2: Traffic Coordination

When your Singapore catering team first enters your venue, they will scope out the area and determine the best spot for the buffet. They can tell which areas may have the heaviest traffic flow, so they ensure that there is plenty of space, especially near the dishes that will probably be most popular. One handy catering trick is to place the beverage table some distance away from the buffet table, to draw some of the guests towards that area and spread out the crowd.

Shortcut #3: Hot and Cold

Caterers are all about efficiency and ease of use. That’s why they tend to group hot foods and cold foods separately on the buffet line. It’s easier to set up the hot foods and chafing dishes together, rather than trying to place hot and cold dishes in an alternating pattern. Guests like this arrangement as well, preferring to partake of cold foods from one area of the buffet and hot foods from another.

Shortcut #4: A Live Station

Are you afraid that the guests might not mingle like you want them to? What if everyone simply stands around and the party becomes boring? No need to plan an activity— just use a catering shortcut! Keep boredom at bay by adding a live station or two, as long as your venue has enough space for it. Live stations automatically draw your guests’ attention and give them something to watch, a central point around which to gather.

Shortcut #5: A Tight Timeline

If you’re concerned about guests becoming bored or the buffet running out of food, keep the timeline tight. Give your guests just enough time to eat and chat, then move on with the other activities of the event. The shorter the event, the less time people have to go back and graze at the buffet.

Shortcut #6: Trash Cans

Your catering service will likely ensure that there are garbage receptacles somewhere in the room. Sugar packets, paper napkins, bits of food, and other disposables can quickly litter your event space if you don’t give people a place to put those items. Provide trash cans in convenient locations at the sides of the room, and you’ll save yourself and the cleanup crew a lot of extra hassle.

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