6 Unique Ideas for a Singapore Wedding

Are you looking for ways to make your Singapore wedding unique? Check out these six suggestions for making your wedding enjoyable and memorable for everyone.

Polaroid Photos Instead of a Guest Book

Want to add a vintage touch to your wedding celebration? Why not borrow or buy a few Polaroid cameras to have on hand at the wedding? Place these cameras on a table instead of a guest book, and direct the guests to snap photos of each other and write notes on the back. That way, you’ll have a pictorial guest book to look through after the wedding! If you prefer, you could have the guest snap the photos, paste them into a large guest book, and write a note on the page beside each photo. It’s an instant keepsake that you’ll treasure for years.

Coasters as Conversation Starters

Are you concerned that your guests may not have anything to talk about? You’re afraid that the conversation might lag, and that there may be awkward silences at tables during the lunch or reception. To prevent blank, awkward moments and to break the ice between strangers, provide interesting coasters on which guests can place their drinks. Each coaster could feature a trivia question with the answer on the flip side of the coaster; or you could have the coasters printed or handwritten with bits of sage advice, pithy quotations, jokes, riddles, or tongue-twisters. It’s a great way to get everyone talking and laughing together.

Paper Lanterns as Budget-Saving Decorations

If you’re on a tight budget, ask friends and relatives to help you craft paper lanterns to hang from the ceiling at the reception. Provide everyone with the wedding colours, but don’t specify a design— let them all come up with their own creations during the few weeks before the wedding. You’ll find that you have a myriad of colourful, attractive lanterns to hang from the ceiling, and the overall effect will be quirky and delightful. For an extra fun twist, ask each relative who makes a lantern to write a bit of advice on it for you and your new spouse.

Unusual Centrepieces for the Wedding Reception Tables

Are you short on cash? To save money, skip the flowers as centrepieces for your reception tables. Instead, use unique centerpieces like lanterns, piles of beautiful old books, candles, pottery, branches, driftwood, or other items. Glass, pinecones, wood, moss, mushrooms, candelabra, seashells, and a myriad of other objects can transform into eye-catching centrepieces that your guests will love to look at.

A Wedding Picnic

Not sure where to have lunch or dinner for the wedding guests? Choose an open field and arrange for catering in Singapore that will serve a delicious picnic lunch. Eatz Catering provides a number of buffet and boxed lunch menus that work well for this kind of open-air celebration. Add blankets for guests to sit on, bunches of balloons tied to tree branches, and some fun lawn games to keep everyone occupied.

A Children’s Area

Perhaps you expect to have a number of children in attendance at your wedding. Why not create a kids’ table for the little ones to keep them occupied while the grown-ups visit with each other and celebrate the occasion? Provide dishes of treats, jars of crayons, bowls of small toys, and plenty of paper and stickers so the children can amuse themselves.

No matter what your plans for the wedding may be, remember to call Eatz Catering first! You can count on our Halal catering service in Singapore to provide high-quality, tasty food that your wedding guests will love.