7 Birthday Party Ideas for Grownups

When you’re an adult, you don’t always get to have a real birthday party. Work, studies, and responsibilities often interfere, and you’re left with a half-hearted celebration that includes cake, but not much else. Discover some fresh ideas for celebrating a loved one’s birthday in a more exciting way!

1. Bounce Houses and Trampoline Parks

Are bounce houses just for kids? Maybe not! Find a vendor who will supply bounce houses that are tough enough to handle adults, and treat your birthday buddy to some bounce time. You can also find trampoline parks that allow you to defy gravity in amazing ways with a whole group of friends and relatives.

2. Batam Getaway

Maybe the birthday boy or girl wants to feel as if Singapore is miles away. For the illusion of an overseas getaway, go over to Batam! This island features beautiful scenery, cycling, Go-Karts, pools, and a tropical vibe that is sure to be refreshing.

3. Foodie Heaven

Is the birthday boy or girl a foodie? Indulge his or her tastebuds with an incredible catered meal from Eatz Catering. We offer mini buffets for small groups, as well as beautiful lunches in lacquer boxes featuring elegant fare. Our American breakfast buffet might be the perfect way to start out your birthday morning, or perhaps a tea reception is more your style. Call us to find out more about our birthday catering packages and special promotions. As your Singapore caterer, our job is to make your event even more magical by adding attractive, delicious food.

4. Laser Tag

Do you know of an awesome laser tag zone near you? Laser tag is a great way to get everyone active and excited, with a little friendly competition to spice things up. You can go to the laser tag zone or find a company that will bring the laser tag experience to the outdoors.

5. Karaoke Night

Maybe your significant other, family member, or friend loves to sing. What better way to show him or her some birthday love than by offering the microphone for the entire evening? Host the party at a karaoke studio in Singapore and let everyone take turns belting out their favourite tunes!

6. Picnic at the Park

Throw down some blankets on a grassy field and enjoy delectable boxed lunches from Eatz Catering. We offer standard, deluxe, or premium lunches, so you’re sure to find something that suits your party budget. Add a quick game of football, a water gun fight, or a scavenger hunt, and the party becomes awesome in no time!

7. Overnight Staycation

Maybe you can’t really afford to treat your friend or loved one to a trip away from Singapore, but you may be able to afford an overnight at a beautiful boutique hotel in Singapore. Pick one with a pool, a game room, and a gorgeous landscaping, and just be together with a few friends for a couple of days. Sometimes, a chance to relax is the best gift of all.

Being an adult shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying a fun, fantastic birthday party! Contact us to order an Eatz Catering buffet for a relative’s or friend’s upcoming celebration.