7 Health-Boosting Foods for Your Body

Even when you’re busy, it’s important to take time to think about your health. Take care of your body by including these nutrient-rich foods in your daily diet. You can even go a step further and serve these foods to friends and family members at your next event, thanks to a health-conscious Singapore catering service, Eatz Catering.

1. Salmon

Fish is good for you because of the omega-3 fatty acids in the flesh. These amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which form muscles within the body. Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon are connected to lower risk of cancer, heart disease, or depression; and there is even evidence that just one serving of salmon daily can guard against memory loss.

2. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is universally delicious, but dark chocolate is also healthy for you— in small amounts. Consuming a small chunk of it daily can improve blood pressure levels, combat the wrong kind of cholesterol, and boost your mood. Make sure you select the dark, rich chocolate instead of the milk chocolate, which contains fewer helpful ingredients.

3. Avocados

This unusual fruit has been called a “superfood” because of its ample supply of fibre, folate, and healthy fats. Enjoy it chopped up in salads, sliced on sandwiches, or mashed up and mixed into the Mexican-style dip called guacamole.

4. Lemons

Did you know that lemons are packed with vitamin C? It’s a vitamin that strengthens your immune system and helps you fight off viruses and sickness caused by germs. Lemons may also boost your levels of good cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and enhance bone strength. Toss a lemon slice into your glass of water or your green tea for plenty of good health effects!

5. Sweet Potatoes or Red Potatoes

Grab a sweet potato, roast it or bake it, and add a little butter and salt. Now you have a tasty mealtime treat that is also rich in vitamin A. Red potatoes also contain plenty of folate, another helpful nutrient that your body needs.

6. Broccoli

We all know that green vegetables are good for the body, and broccoli is no exception. It carries about 200% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C, and it also boasts a hefty helping of vitamin K, essential for healthy bones. Microwave your broccoli to preserve most of the nutritional content— or you can steam, boil, or stir-fry it.

7. Garlic

This aromatic and flavourful root vegetable can actually hinder the growth of bad bacteria. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits, and doctors have linked it to lower blood pressure levels and better cholesterol numbers. Thankfully, garlic is a popular ingredients found in many different dishes, so you can reap those benefits daily.

Healthy Singapore Catering Options

Are you ready to get these good foods into your body? Aside from preparing them at home, you can enjoy some of them when you place orders with Eatz Catering. Our Singapore catering service includes healthy buffet menus and healthy boxed lunch options. You can keep your body’s well-being in mind even while you’re enjoying food at a catered event! Call us today to order healthy options for your next family celebration, corporate event, coworkers’ lunch, or holiday gathering.