7 Tips for Smart Buffet Catering

Are you preparing for a big event? You already know that you can’t prepare all the food yourself; you need a well-known Singapore caterer to provide delicious fare for your gathering. Before you hire a caterer and select a menu, check out these 7 tips for smart buffet catering.

1. Hire a Reputable Caterer

Before you hire a catering service in Singapore, check the caterer’s online reputation. Forums, blogs, and rating services are full of good information and helpful comments from people who have used that Singapore caterer in the past. Also, make sure that your catering service has the right government credentials and is licensed by the NEA in Singapore.

2. Choose a Theme

If you’re not sure how to begin planning your event, why not pick a fun theme? You could choose an international theme and choose from one of Eatz Catering’s specialty buffets. We offer Peranakan buffets, international buffets, BBQ buffets, and Fusion Asian buffets, as well as an Authentic Buffet series feature cuisine from around the world.

3. Order the Right Amount of Food

It can be tough to know who will actually show up to your event, even if you have sent invitations and requested replies. Estimate the total number of guests as accurately as you can, and leave the rest to your Singapore catering service. Eatz Catering will provide a 10% buffer of extra food. For example, if you expect 50 guests, we’ll have enough food available for 55 guests, just in case a few unexpected people show up.

4. Add Something Extra

Want to spice up the atmosphere of your event? Why not add a live food station to your order? Our on-site chefs will prepare delicacies like Nonya Mee Siam, Hainanese chicken rice, or grilled chicken satay and serve the food up right in front of your guests. Live stations are a great way to get everyone moving, talking, and enjoying the food together.

5. Remember the Supplies

Will you need tables, chairs, linens, glassware, and other supplies at your event? Some Singapore caterers rent those items to their clients as needed. Contact your caterer of choice and ask about renting the extra supplies you need to host the meal.

6. Consider Dietary Needs

Do you have Muslim friends who will be attending the event? Perhaps you and your family are Muslim, and are planning to host a Halal buffet dinner. Eatz Catering is a Halal caterer in Singapore, fully certified by MUIS. All of our dishes, equipment, supplies, and ingredients conform to Halal standards, so you can relax and enjoy the meal without concern. Eatz Catering also supplies vegetarian options and some vegan choices as well. Let us know in advance about any specific dietary needs of your guests.

7. Plan Ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute to order your buffet! If you wait too long, you may find that your choice of catering service in Singapore is all booked, with no room for your event in their schedule. Eatz Catering can sometimes accommodate late orders, but it’s much better to plan ahead and secure your place on our schedule well in advance.