A Carnival Themed Wedding with Fabulous Food

Do you love the idea of a carnival wedding theme with invitations designed like carnival tickets, live food stations, and more? Find out how to create the carnival atmosphere with fabulous food from a Singapore catering service. With Eatz Catering, your carnival theme will be both delicious and memorable!

BBQ Buffet Catering: Wings and Satay Sticks

The BBQ Cum Buffet from our Singapore catering service is perfect for a carnival-themed wedding. Your guests can enjoy roasting their own marinated BBQ chicken wings and their own chicken sausages. Spicy mackerel fish Otah, fish balls on skewers, and raw chicken and mutton satay sticks also come with our affordable BBQ buffet catering, available for just $10.80 per guest or $11.56 with GST. To get this low price, you’ll need to order the BBQ buffet catering for a minimum of 50 guests.

In addition to the raw foods, which guests can roast or grill themselves under the supervision of an Eatz Catering grill master, we also provide a selection of cooked sides, drinks, and desserts. Enjoy Nonya chicken curry with potatoes, signature wok garlic fried rice, and vegetarian fried Bee Hoon. Dessert is vanilla cream puffs and mango bean curd with sweet Longan, and you can select one of our refreshing drinks when you place your buffet order. Drink options include lemon barley drink, fruit punch, or pink guava, and all buffets come with free ice water.

Live Food Stations: Churros and Candy Floss

At the traditional American carnival, an overabundance of sugar is the order of the day! Celebrate your sugar-sweet romance on your wedding day with live food stations that feature freshly spun candy floss!

Eatz Catering also has stations that serve churros, which are dough sticks fried with cinnamon and sugar— a Mexican dessert. You can have the live churro station serve treats for two hours or four hours, depending on your budget and the expected length of the wedding festivities.

Our Singapore catering service supplies a couple of different ice cream stations as well, including one that serves ice cream cones and another that offers assorted ice cream Potong.

More Live Food Stations: Popcorn and Hot Dogs

Want to get the full carnival experience? Order more live food stations that serve classic carnival foods like popcorn and hot dogs. Since Eatz Catering is a respected Halal caterer in Singapore, the hot dogs are our own Halal version, which your Muslim guests can enjoy without concern. Order a popcorn station that pops the kernel right at the counter and serves them up fresh to your wedding guests.

Carnival-Themed Wedding Catering in Singapore

Are you ready to order the food for a fun and memorable carnival-themed wedding? Check out the Eatz Catering blog for information about how to order the right amount of food, when to book your Singapore caterer, and dealing with wedding day emotions by planning ahead! If you have any more questions about menu options, equipment rentals, or other details, call us and we’ll be happy to help you arrange everything you need to provide superb carnival-themed food at your wedding.