A Taste of Home: Nyonya Chicken Dumplings from Eatz Catering

Many people associate special memories with specific foods. Tasting a particular kind of food can bring back powerful memories of childhood, or of good times with friends at school, or of a family vacation. As a top catering company in Singapore, Eatz Catering strives to connect people with their food, to provide delicious meals that will be linked to great memories for years to come. One way we do this is by preparing classic comfort foods, like Nyonya chicken dumplings.

The Birth of Nyonya Cuisine

In ancient times, Chinese migrants found new homes in Singapore, Indonesia, and nearby areas. They mingled and married with the people already living in those places, becoming an integral part of the culture. In the meantime, the Chinese use of ingredients blended with the unique spices and cooking styles of the Malay people and the native Singapore residents. The result was a new, delicious style of cooking, involving rich, tangy, spicy foods that rely heavily on fresh herbs. This new cuisine was called Peranakan or Nyonya cuisine, and its delicious flavour combinations have made it popular for generations.

A Specialty Set

Nyonya chicken dumplings are just one of many wonderful Peranakan dishes that we like to celebrate here at Eatz Catering. You could say that our Nyonya chicken dumplings are a specialty for us; they are so delicious that we’ve made them available to order as a set of their own. For $3.21 with GST per dumpling, you can order a minimum of 50 and serve them up to your guests or coworkers for any occasion. We pride ourselves on creating incredibly delicious, beautifully prepared Nyonya chicken dumplings that you’ll crave again and again.

How We Make Nyonya Chicken Dumplings

What’s in these delectable chicken dumplings? We prepare fragrant, steamed, glutinous rice as part of the filling. Then we mince up some tender, tasty chicken and mushrooms and combine those elements inside a soft, doughy dumpling. Each dumpling is formed in the traditional pyramid shape and lovingly wrapped by hand in bamboo leaves, forming a delightful little package of flavour, just waiting to be opened and enjoyed.

Halal-Certified Catering in Singapore

All of the food at Eatz Catering is completely adherent to Halal requirements; in fact, Eatz Catering is officially licensed by MUIS as a certified Halal caterer in Singapore. Our chicken dumplings, like everything else we prepare, are perfectly safe for Muslim guests to eat.

If you have a party coming up, whether it’s for kids or adults, order a set of Nyonya chicken dumplings to go with your buffet. You’ll find these and other delicious offerings on the Eatz Catering website, where you can take care of all your catering needs, from chair and table rentals to food orders for wedding receptions or birthday parties. We also have live-action cooking stalls, baby full month catering, and specialty sets for Chinese New Year and other holidays. Visit us online or call today to arrange the food for your next gathering.