A Taste of the Exotic Middle East

Have you ever sampled the cuisine of the Middle East? Middle Eastern food incorporate bold flavours, exotic ingredients, and a unique use of spices to create delicious, aromatic dishes. Thanks to the authentic Middle Eastern buffet from Eatz Catering, you can now try this fabulous food! Secure our Singapore catering services for your next big event and enjoy a marvellous Middle Eastern feast with friends, family, coworkers, or clients.

A Fresh Salad and a Traditional Starter

The meal begins with an authentic Lebanese garden salad, featuring fresh, crunchy Romaine lettuce, ripe chopped tomatoes, and crisp, cool cucumbers. Alongside the salad, as part of the appetizer course, you can enjoy a traditional treat— a yellowish paste made of chickpeas called hummus. In the Middle East, hummus is generally scooped up with flat pita bread and enjoyed before or during the meal.

Hearty Meats and Main Courses

Next follows a selection of main courses, with flavours true to the heart of Mediterranean cuisine. Your guests will adore the flavours of the grilled marinated BBQ chicken and the marinated lamb kofta, which comes with its own dipping sauce. Fillets of fish on skewers are reminiscent of the shores of the Mediterranean, where fisherman roast their catch over the open fire.

Spicy Sides and Sweet Starches

Grab a slice of Mediterranean pizza, featuring rich cheeses and olives, along with other toppings. Sample the spicy lamb sausage, also known as Soujouk. Then, add a big helping of signature Middle Eastern rice to your plate. You’ll notice that this special kind of rice incorporates dried fruits for a touch of sweetness and a unique texture.

Healthy Vegetable Options

When you order your Middle Eastern buffet, you’ll have the option to select a vegetable course or two as well. Options include assorted grilled vegetables or mixed vegetables with herbs. In both vegetable medleys, you’ll see red, yellow, or green capsicum, eggplant, cucumbers, and fresh mushrooms.

Refreshing Drinks and Delicious Desserts

Iced lemon tea or peach tea is a welcome refreshment alongside the hearty meal. To finish the experience, everyone can indulge in a cup of chilled mango pudding, served with vanilla flan and mint leaves.

Orders and Special Dietary Requirements

When you’re ready to place your order for a Middle Eastern buffet, you can do so online, or give us a call at Eatz Catering and we’ll be glad to help you arrange for the buffet to be serve at an upcoming event. Remember, we are a Halal caterer in Singapore, so all of our food, equipment, and preparation areas are completely in sync with Halal requirements. Your Muslim guests will be able to partake of the food without fear of breaking any dietary rules. We can also provide vegetarian or vegan options upon request. Just let us know how we can make your experience more amazing, and we’ll work with you to make it happen.