A Wedding Buffet You Will Never Forget

Many people say that their wedding day was so chaotic and so emotional that they barely ate. Even if they ate, couples often say that they didn’t really taste the food or don’t really remember it. With a wedding buffet provided by Eatz Catering, everyone will remember the food. Whether you’re a family member, a friend, the bride, or the groom, a lavish buffet from Eatz Catering is something to reminisce about for years to come. Discover the marvellous appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and drinks included in our second-level wedding buffet menu, priced at just $13.80 per person.

A Beginning to Remember

Begin with an unforgettable and decadent appetizer— a scrumptious Spinach Ball with Mango Salad Creme. For guests who would rather stick with old favourites, we also provide a classic Caesar Salad option.

Hot and Fragrant Main Dishes

As a Halal caterer in Singapore, we maintain high standards for all our dishes. Every single one conforms to Halal requirements, as well as to our personal benchmarks of freshness and flavour. As your wedding guests move down the buffet line, they will be pleased and astonished at the sheer variety of delectable dishes laid out for their enjoyment.

Thai-style Honey Fish Fillets with cilantro are a healthy, fresh addition to the buffet. If you’re focused on healthy foods, you’ll also enjoy our Mixed Vegetables with a medley of three different kinds of mushrooms. Guests who want something comforting and familiar will love the Signature Wok Sin Chow Bee Hoon and the Oriental Fried Rice, topped with silver fish on lotus leaves. Golden Egg Tofu with crab sauce, Golden Butter Prawns, stir-fried Garlic Black Pepper Chicken, and Honey-Roasted Boneless Chicken lend their fragrance to the buffet area, tempting guests to fill their plates right to the edges.

Romantic Sweets

A wedding is the perfect time to indulge in sugary goodness. That’s why our Singapore catering service supplies delicacies for dessert lovers, such as our beautifully crafted Chocolate Eclairs and our Strawberry Cream Puffs. In addition to these two romantic desserts, we supply a traditional Asian option— Sweet Longan with Mango Bean Curd and Sea Coconuts. It’s a dessert delicacy worthy of such a special day.

Fresh, Cold Drinks

In addition to ice water, which is provided at no extra cost to you, you can select one other kind of cold beverage to provide for your thirsty guests. Eatz Catering offers three different types of cold, delicious juices, including Oriental Orange, Luscious Lychee, and Fruity Fruit Punch.

Complimentary Wedding Packages

When you order your extravagant wedding, keep in mind that you’ll need to order food for at least 150 people in order to get the price of $13.80 per person. If your total exceeds $1,500, you are automatically eligible for a complimentary wedding package from your Singapore caterer, Eatz Catering. We’ll provide buffet tables, a reception table, table linens in your wedding colours, food warmers, service staff, and complimentary silk flower arrangements for the reception table and buffet line. To find out what else is included in our wedding packages, contact Eatz Catering and speak with one of our helpful consultants.