Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

For many couples, their wedding is a chance to show off their own personal style and unique taste. If you’d like to give old traditions a new twist at your wedding, why not try some of these alternatives to the standard wedding cake?


Offer a selection of beautiful fruit pies instead of cake, or supply a selection of mini pies on sticks. The fruit pies work well if you’re having a large premium buffet from your favourite Singapore catering service; but if you opted for something more casual, like BBQ buffet catering, the mini pies are the perfect complement to the meal.


Guests can grab a small, freshly made waffle, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some fruit or other toppings, and enjoy! It’s a delicious, individual dessert that gives your wedding a unique spirit of fun. You can offer just a couple of toppings or go all out with sprinkles, caramel, fudge, candy, and whipped cream.


If you don’t want the breakfast element in your dessert, skip the waffles and just provide the ice cream, along with toppings like fresh fruit, chocolate shavings, sweets, and caramel drizzle. Use wine glasses or small parfait glasses to limit the size of the servings. For a healthier option, swap the ice cream for yogurt.

Durian Mousse

This delectable dessert is popular in Singapore. Made of durian pulp and coconut milk, it can be serve in wine glasses with a crunchy biscuit on the side.


Pile trays high with stacks of your favourite doughnuts! If you’re using frosted doughnuts, ask the baker to use your wedding colours for the frosting. You can also opt for the plain cake, glazed, or powdered versions.

Milk and Cookies

Want to turn dessert into a wedding favour? Personalize small glasses with the names of your guests and fill each glass with milk; then lay a single large biscuit on top of every glass. This American-style milk-and-cookies dessert is a classic, and the guests get to take home a glass with their name on it.

Mango Pudding

A Singapore favourite, mango pudding is the perfect dessert to serve at your Singapore wedding. Serve it in shot glasses with a little garnish, or include it in pudding pops, interspersed with layers of cake.

Grass Jelly

If you’re celebrating your love of all things Singaporean as well as your love for each other, you and your spouse may decide to have grass jelly as a dessert at your wedding. It’s particularly refreshing, especially when served with shaved ice and a squeeze of lime.


A myriad versions of Kueh exist in Singapore, and all of them are delicious. Ask your Singapore caterer or baker about making your favourite kind to serve at your wedding— perhaps Ondeh Ondeh or Ang Ku Kueh.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are a modern alternative to the traditional cake. The cake is compacted into a ball and frosted with icing that hardens a bit, forming a perfect round shape atop a stick. Ask the baker to use icing colours that go with your wedding colour scheme.

For some of these dessert options, you’ll need to find a baker; for others, you can use the expert chefs at Eatz Catering. Contact us to talk about wedding packages and dessert options for your special day!