Amaze Your American Friends with a Thoughtful Breakfast Buffet

Americans enjoy visiting Singapore, whether for business or for pleasure. There’s so much to see and do, so many interesting places to visit, and so many delicious new Asian foods to try.

However, American visitors do occasionally crave a taste of the familiar, especially for the early morning meal. If you’re hosting a large group of American tourists or American professionals, you’ll need to hire a caterer in Singapore who knows what your friend from the United States like to eat for breakfast. Eatz Catering supplies a beautiful breakfast buffet to help visitors from across the ocean feel more at home in Singapore.

American Breakfast from a Halal Catering Service

Your American visitors may follow the teachings of Islam, or perhaps you and your Singapore colleagues or guests follow a Halal diet. Eatz Catering is a Halal caterer in Singapore, so we only serve Halal items, even for our American breakfast buffet. All our dishes, warmers, and other supplies are maintained in keeping with Halal standards as well, so you and your guests can partake of the food without any concerns.

A Fresh Salad to Start

Not everyone in American eats salad for breakfast, but for those who are vegetarian or on a special diet, a luscious Garden Salad may be the perfect way to start the day. Our American breakfast includes a salad bar, with all the fixings for a beautiful Garden Salad. Guests can mix and make their salad themselves with the DIY wooden action bowl, and there is honey mustard dressing available as well. For Americans who prefer fruit with their breakfast instead of a salad, Eatz Catering presents a premium fresh fruit platter at the buffet.

Breakfast Bread and Pastries

As your guests move along the buffet line, they will see a basket overflowing with delicious baked goods, including freshly Baked Butter Croissants, Smooth White Bread, and Wholemeal Bread. The bread basket is served with butter and jam. Another basket at the buffet holds fresh pastries, like Apple Strudel, Blueberry Muffins, Banana Muffins, and Chocolate Danish.

Hot Breakfast Meats

For some Americans, breakfast is not complete without hot dishes, including meat. Eatz Catering supplies fried slices of Halal turkey bacon. Also available are slices of Halal chicken ham. Our hot specialties for the American breakfast buffet also include Grilled Chicken Frankfurters, similar to the sausages that your visitors would be used to eating in the morning.

Breakfast Potato Options

Americans enjoy eating potatoes for breakfast as a hot side item. We supply potatoes in two different styles— Golden Potato Wedges or Hash Browns. For the Hash Browns, the potatoes are finely chopped or shredded and then fried until they are soft and tender inside with a crispy brown exterior.

More Delicious Hot Entrees

Scrambled Eggs are a popular breakfast choice for Americans, so our buffet includes plenty of those as well. We also provide a vegetable, Grilled Tomatoes with Italian herbs.

Refreshing Beverages

Since Americans are used to drinking orange juice with their breakfast, our Singapore catering service supplies Sunkist orange juice to accommodate that preference. We also supply coffee and tea, with sugar and cream on the side so that guests can prepare their own warm beverage as they like it.

Schedule Your American Breakfast Buffet

Depending on the venue, you may need tables, chairs, tablecloths, and cloth napkins in order to serve your American friends breakfast. Eatz Catering has all of those supplies available for rental, as well as place settings, glasses, mugs, and utensils. Contact us to arrange rentals and to place your order for an American breakfast buffet for 35 or more people, or to arrange for a mini buffet for a smaller group.

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