Best Themes for Your Catered Christmas Party in Singapore

Are you excited about the holidays? Maybe your mouth is already watering for the delicious meal that you expect to be served up by your favourite catering service in Singapore. As you plan and prepare, check out these fun and festive themes for your Singapore holiday party!

Reindeer Love

These real-life majestic beasts are quite impressive in their own right— and in holiday lore, they are part of Santa’s transportation team! Celebrate all things reindeer with a reindeer holiday party theme, complete with “reindeer games,” reindeer decor, and fuzzy faux antlers for your guests to wear on their heads.

Peppermint Craze

Peppermint candy is a classic favourite during the holiday season. The candy appears in so many forms— from slick curved candy canes and old-fashioned peppermint sticks, to chocolate-covered peppermint patties and peppermint-flavoured lollipops. If you’re having kids at your party, they will go crazy for the peppermint candy theme! Wrap gifts in red and white, and use striped ribbons and banners to decorate your party venue.

Winter Wonderland

Paper snowflakes, artificial snow, and plenty of glittering white decor can turn your home or venue into a true winter wonderland. Purchase some tree branches encrusted with fake snow and put them in frosty glass vases as centrepieces. The key to this theme is plenty of white decorations and silver sparkles.

Origami Holiday

Would you like to celebrate elements of both Asian culture and a Western-style Christmas? Host a holiday party that features a Christmas tree and evergreen garlands decorated with beautiful origami birds, flowers, and other shapes. You can make them yourself or invite friends to help you decorate. Paper lanterns and paper chains can festoon the ceiling, while origami place holders designate each guest’s seat at the table.

Royal Feast

There’s an old tale of three kings who travelled from the East to witness the first Christmas. It’s a tradition that you can adapt for yourself, turning it into a celebration of richness and royalty. Give your guests the royal treatment with the ultimate premium buffet from Eatz Catering, and decorate your venue with rich hues of vivid blue, deep purple, and gold. If you have holiday ornaments that feature faux pearls or jewels, add those to your decorations to further enhance the atmosphere of luxury.

Santa Claus Celebration

Maybe you’re still a kid at heart, and you’re in love with the idea of Santa! Bring Santa to Singapore, into your own home or party venue, with a party that celebrates the jolly old fellow. Banners that say “Ho! Ho! Ho!” or “Believe,” figures of Saint Nick himself, and presents wrapped in shiny red paper with a black belt are all great accessories for a Santa-themed party.

Add a North Pole welcome sign, a vintage sled draped with holly, and some stockings by a faux fireplace, and you’ll be ready to party Santa-style.

Don’t forget to order enough food to fill a Santa-sized belly! Eatz Catering can supply mini-buffets for small groups or full buffets for larger parties. Call us today to place the order for your upcoming seasonal event!