Boost the Appeal of Your Catered Buffet with Succulent Sides

Every gorgeous, delicious spread of food provided by Eatz Catering is sure to tempt your guests to come back for more. Sometimes, you may want to increase the buffet selection, especially if some of your guests have large appetites. If you’d like to supplement the buffet menu you have already chosen with some additional choices, check out the side orders available through our catering service.

Traditional Mee Siam

Available for just $80 extra ($85.60), an additional side of traditional Mee Siam is one way to boost the appeal of the hearty buffet provided by Eatz Catering. This add-on dish provides enough servings for a dozen of your guests. The traditional Mee Siam is served with braised Bee Hoon, loaded with deliciously crisp bean sprouts, and enriched with poached prawns, sambal, and gravy. It also includes hard-boiled eggs for extra protein, small green limes for a fresh twist, and some Chinese chives and Tahu Pok. It’s a familiar and beloved dish that your guests will be thrilled to see on the buffet line.

Nonya Laksa

There’s something about traditional Peranakan cuisine that is wonderfully heartwarming and satisfying. Our Singapore catering service is fortunate to have chefs who can create amazing dishes from nearly every culture; but they excel in the area of Peranakan cuisine, also called Nonya cuisine. For a family gathering, a reception, or a celebration with close friends, there’s nothing better than a delicious serving of Nonya Laksa. We use thick white noodles and tender sliced fish cake, perfectly complemented with hard-boiled eggs and poached prawns. Other accompaniments include Tahu Pok, Laksa leaves, sambal and gravy. One side dish order serves twelve people and costs $80, or $85.60 with GST.

Homemade Pies

Warm, delicious, and comforting, pie is a universal favourite. As your top Singapore caterer, Eatz supplies a variety of homemade pies as add-on options or side orders for your buffet menu. We offer a deliciously spicy home-baked Curry Chicken Pie which is rich and satisfying. Another option is a classic homemade Chicken Pie, which is an excellent choice if you have guests that are not curry lovers. You can also go with an elegant and exotic option, our Chicken Ham Quiche Lorraine. The Quiche Lorraine is completely safe for guests who follow a Halal diet, thanks to our use of chicken ham.

In fact, every dish we cook is compliant with Halal catering standards. One order of homemade pie serves up to 15 people and costs $18, or $19.26 with GST. If you have more guests, feel free to order additional pies to ensure that every person gets a slice.

Choosing Side Orders

When you’re ready to customise your buffet order with some delicious sides, go online to complete your menu selections with our easy-to-use ordering system. You can also call or email us at Eatz Catering, and a consultant will be happy to help you arrange all the details of your food order for your upcoming event.