Boosting Your Morale with Deluxe Bento Lunch Sets

When you’re having a rough week at the office, sometimes a wonderful lunch can make everything seem better. Perhaps your team or department have been working hard on a project, and you want to reward everyone with a special lunch from an excellent Singapore catering service. Maybe you’re a student, and you and your friends are celebrating your academic achievements so far.

Whatever the occasion, a deluxe bento set may be the perfect way to boost your morale and give you the energy you need to keep going. Check out the available deluxe boxed lunches from Eatz Catering!

Affordable Prices, Lots of Menu Options

Our deluxe bento boxes are incredibly affordable, starting out at just $10 for a minimum group of 20 people. The price ends up being $10.70 with GST, which is a fantastic deal for the premium quality of the bento contents.

Our Singapore catering service provides numerous menu options for deluxe bento sets. When you visit our website, you’ll see six different options within the $10 price range, listed as menu options A-F. Menu sets C and D are two of our most popular select menus, including some unique delicacies. Each menu option features fresh ingredients, locally sourced where possible and prepared with incredible skill by our experienced chefs at Eatz Catering.

Deluxe Bento Set C

Our deluxe bento set C menu features a Thai theme, with all the freshness and aromatic flavours of Thai cuisine. Tucked into your convenient deluxe bento box, you’ll find a number of delicious treats. A small serving of Thai basil chicken is both tasty and filling. Take a forkful of the flaky, delicious fish fillet with honey Tom Yum sauce, and then try the Kailan with shiitake mushrooms.

In one compartment, you’ll find a delectable lemongrass Thai fish cake. A serving of Thai-style pineapple fried rice with chicken floss is the perfect complement to the other dishes. For a sweet treat, indulge in your portion of mango panna cotta.

Deluxe Bento Set D

If you prefer something a little more traditional to Singapore, consider the deluxe bento set D menu from our Singapore catering service. You’ll find a filling serving of sliced chicken with spring onions, as well as tasty sauteed vegetables. True to the Singaporean love of Nonya or Peranakan cuisine, we have included a serving of Nonya spicy Fish Otah, a favourite with many Singapore residents.

You’ll also enjoy delicacies like Crispy Salmon Skin with honey Thai sauce. A side of Signature Fried Rice on a lotus leaf is a delicious accompaniment to the meal. To end the lunch, enjoy sea coconuts with sweet longan.

Placing Your Order

Order your deluxe bento sets online with Eatz Catering’s easy ordering process, or give us a call if you have questions about ordering or delivery. We are a Halal caterer in Singapore, certified by MUIS; and we can also accommodate other special dietary needs if you let us know about them ahead of time. Contact us today or make your selections online to enjoy a fantastic lunch with friends or colleagues.