Breakfast Foods from Around the World

Have you ever wondered what people from other countries eat in the morning? Take a look at some popular breakfast foods from various nations.

Breakfast in Great Britain

The British are famous for what is called a “full English breakfast.” It typically includes bacon, eggs, sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, marmalade, and tea. Some variations incorporate baked beans, fried bread, black pudding, fruit, cereal, and orange juice. In some areas of Great Britain, you might find the classic breakfast elements served along with kippers, crumpets, pancakes, corned beef hash, or devilled kidneys.

Breakfast in China

A favourite Chinese breakfast consists of fried dough sticks (You Tiao) and warm soy milk. Hot soups such as congee or various types of Dim Sum are also considered delightful breakfast foods. In addition to steamed buns, the Chinese enjoy wheat or rice noodles or steamed rice at the beginning of the day.

Breakfast in Singapore

Singapore has incorporated a variety of foods into its breakfast repertoire. If any food is being sold in the morning, it can be considered breakfast; so Singaporeans tend to eat all kinds of food in the early part of the day. Stir-fried noodle or noodles in broth are popular, and many Singaporeans enjoy a comforting bowl of rice porridges or Chwee Kueh. One of the favourite breakfast foods in Singapore is a big helping of Kaya toast, scented with pandan and topped with soft-cooked fried eggs. A little dark soy sauce and white pepper, and this delicacy is the perfect dish to start the day.

Breakfast in America

In the United States, a quick, lean breakfast may consist of grain-based cereal products served in a bowl of milk, or oatmeal boiled and served with milk and perhaps fruit. A more satisfying traditional breakfast in America typically includes eggs, bacon or sausage, fried potatoes, and toast with butter and jelly. Americans also enjoy a breakfast that includes fresh fruit, orange juice, and pancakes or waffles smeared with butter and drizzled in maple syrup. Muffins, doughnuts, or pastries are other popular breakfast options in the United States.

Breakfast in Australia

Australians enjoy spreading Vegemite on their toast. They also eat eggs, fruit, or cereal in the morning; and if time allows, they might sit down to a full English breakfast.

Breakfast in Brazil

Brazilians sometimes make a thick soup of meat and black beans, called Feijoada, which they often eat during the morning as well as at other times throughout the day. Breakfast may also consist of bread, cheese, and meat, with a cup of strong coffee on the side.

More Global Breakfast Options

A Cuban breakfast often includes thick slices of grilled, buttered bread, along with coffee and milk. In France, breakfast is a light meal of coffee and a croissant or a chunk of baguette. Germans enjoy meat and cheese, butter, bread, and jam for their early meal.

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