Bring Life to the Party with Food Stations!

Food is a must-have at any party. If you want to take the fun up to the next level, incorporate some live food stations so that guests can watch their food being made and enjoy getting it fresh from the source. A food station is a great way to liven up a gathering, whether it’s a fundraiser, a fair, a reception, or some other type of celebration. Get some ideas for your next party from Eatz Catering’s list of fantastic food stations.

Singapore’s Signature Favourites

For guests visiting from other countries, sampling Singaporean cuisine is a real treat. Make the experience even more memorable by adding live food stations to the party. Some of the most popular stations serving Singapore food are our Hainanese chicken rice, Chee Cheong Fun, and prawn noodle soup stations.

Peranakan or Nonya Stations

Perhaps you have guests who are familiar with Singapore’s cuisine and have a particular affinity for Peranakan dishes. They will be surprised and pleased to see stations featuring Nonya Laksa with condiments or Nonya Mee Siam with condiments. Each of these stations is available for groups of 200 or more guests, at the affordable price of just $3.50 per person, or $3.75 with GST.

Eatz Catering also showcases a love of Peranakan food with Nonya Kueh Pie Tee stations and Nonya Popiah stations. These entertaining stations are sure to draw a crowd at any gathering.

International Stations

Would you like to broaden the scope of the available cuisine at your party? Consider including flavours from around the globe. Our catering in Singapore supplies fine Italian fare, such as stations serving spaghetti or Fusilli pasta. We have stations that feature Fremantle fish and chips, or Western chicken burgers or hot dog buns.

Dessert Stations

If you prefer to have a standard buffet for the meal, you can add a dessert station to make the party more exciting. As your Singapore caterer, we supply a variety of dessert station options so you have plenty from which to choose. There’s an assorted ice cream cone station for 400 or more guests, or an assorted ice cream Potong station for more than 600 guests. We offer popcorn stations, candy floss stations, and stations that cook up fresh waffles or banana and Nutella crepes.

More Live Station Options

Check the Eatz Catering website to see our full list of entertaining live food stations, featuring delights like Dim Sum, Chee Cheong Fun, Roti Prata with curry, Chicken Congee with peanuts, Hokkien prawn noodles, and much more. Your guests will find it easier to mingle, move around, and enjoy themselves when there are live stations to watch. If you have children attending the gathering, you’ll find that live stations are a great way to entertain them! Contact Eatz Catering now to arrange the details or place your order online.