Cater to the Kids with Eatz Kids’ Menus!

It’s a known fact that kids can be picky about what they eat. They like foods that are familiar to them, especially when they are in a strange, new setting. If you’re hosting a banquet, a wedding reception, a large family gathering, or some other type of celebration, you may want to add some kid-friendly menu items to the buffet. The adults will enjoy a variety of tastes and textures, and thanks to Eatz Catering, the children can have the things they like as well.

Fast Facts about the Kids’ Menu

Our Eatz Catering kids menu is available for a minimum of 30 children. If you need additional meals for a larger number of guests, we can increase the quantity to accommodate the size of your party. The kids’ menu is priced at $11 per person, or $11.77 with GST.

When you visit the Eatz Catering website to place your order, just click on the Kids’ Menu link and you’ll notice a variety of menu options. You get to select 10 food items, including drinks, to make available for the children at your event. For drinks we offer fruit punch and ice water.

Cold Foods and Dim Sum

One of the available options is Cold Finger Sandwiches. These Chunky Egg and Cheese Sandwiches are tasty and easy for kids to hold. In the Dim Sum category, we provide Steamed Chicken Char Siew Pau.

Hot Favourites and Main Dishes

Hot favourites among our youngest customers are the Golden Fish Balls, beautifully fried and irresistibly delicious. We also offer Grilled Chicken Sausages with pineapple on skewers, a healthy and flavourful combination. Kids enjoy holding the skewers and helping themselves to the tasty chicken sausage and juicy pineapple. For children who love pasta, there is Fusilli Pasta with beef bolognese sauce.

Little ones typically enjoy finger foods that they can handle themselves. That’s why our main dish options are so popular and convenient for children’s parties or for grown-up events with children present. Our Singapore catering service offers Mexican wings with just the right amount of spice, or BBQ Grilled Chicken Drumlets.

Kid-Friendly Desserts

Kids all over the world share a love of sweets, so make sure you include some of our delicious dessert selections with your kids’ menu. We offer the choice of round Vanilla Donuts, assorted Mini Cup Cakes, or assorted kinds of jelly in cups. All of these desserts are simple, delicious, and easy for little ones to handle with minimal supervision.

Placing Orders

When the kids are happy and willing to eat, their parents are better able to relax and enjoy the event. If you would like to include a kids’ menu at your grown-up gathering, or if you have a kids’ birthday party to plan, contact your favourite Singapore caterer! Our consultants here at Eatz Catering are happy to work with you to arrange the perfect menu for your event— one that will please every guest, from the oldest to the youngest.