Catering to Guests with Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

When you’re planning an event, you may find that choosing the menu becomes one of the most complex tasks. Not only do you have to think about the season, the occasion, and the taste preferences of your guests, but you also have to consider the possibility of food allergies and special diets. Explore some of the dietary challenges your guests may have and discover some ways to resolve those issues during the catering in Singapore.

The Scope of Food Allergies in Singapore

A small percentage of the population in Singapore suffers from significant or even lethal food allergies. Allergens can include peanut products, other nuts, dairy products, seafood, or other food items. Other people may have sensitivities to specific foods or ingredients, such as gluten, cheese, eggs, milk, honey, butter, or specific types of acidic fruits.

The Limitations of a Singapore Catering Service

The range of allergens and allergic reactions is so broad and diverse that it is impossible for a Singapore catering service to absolutely guarantee that its food is safe for all potential allergy sufferers. There are limitations to how much the caterer can control, including the environment where certain ingredients or supplies may be processed and prepared. There is no guarantee that all suppliers and operations are kept safe from every possible allergen. However, a quality catering service in Singapore will do its best to maintain the health and comfort of all guests at each event.

Dietary Preferences Among Your Guests

In addition to the possibility of hosting guests with allergies, keep in mind that you may have guests present who pursue a different diet because of a lifestyle choice or preference. You may have people who follow a paleo, vegetarian, vegan, Halal, or gluten-free diet not because of medical necessity, but by choice or religious conviction. Contact these guests ahead of time, before you select the menu for the event, and find out what kind of foods they eat so you can choose menu options that work for them.

Halal Catering Service in Singapore

At Eatz Catering, we do our best to accommodate the needs and wishes of our guests. We are a certified Halal caterer in Singapore, which means that our kitchens, equipment, ingredients, and food conform to Halal standards. However, beyond that, we cannot guarantee that any of our dishes are completely free of specific allergens or ingredients.

How Eatz Catering Handles Food Preferences and Allergies

If you or a guest of yours need food that is gluten-free or dairy-free, please call us. While we do not normally cook dishes to order, several of our regular menu items are dairy-free or gluten-free. We can let you know which dishes would be advisable for your guests that do not consume dairy, gluten, or other products. Please also call or email us if anyone attending your event has a food allergy so we help you select a menu that is safe and enjoyable for everyone at the event.