5 Chinese New Year Superstitions to Know For a Lucky New Year of the Pup!

A Chinese New Year celebration is full of good wishes and interesting superstitions— some humourous and some serious. Fortunately for everyone, this year is the Year of the Dog; and the dog symbolises luck! At Eatz Catering, we love the festivities and delicious treats that come along with the Chinese New Year. Before you place your Singapore catering order for the upcoming holiday, discover some superstitions and fun facts about this delightful celebration!

Superstition 1 – Avoid Medicine

Think twice before you take medicine on the first day of the year! According to tradition, doing so will doom you to a year of sickness. If you’ve caught a cold, stay home, rest, and try natural remedies. If you have a medical condition or a serious illness, be sure to follow the wise advice of your doctor and continue taking regularly prescribed medication to ensure your good health in the new year.

Superstition 2 – Say No to Porridge

Avoid porridge or similar breakfast foods on New Year’s morning. In spite of its nutritious qualities and its healthy serving of fibre, porridge was once considered the food of the poor. It’s bad luck to eat “poor food” on the first day of the New Year, especially if you’re hoping for wealth and prosperity.

Superstition 3 – Keep Hair Grimy

Skip washing your hair on New Year’s Day! In Chinese, the word “hair” and the phrase “to become wealthy” share the same character and pronunciation. If you wash your hair, you could be washing away all the wealth that might have been yours in the year to come. Why take the risk? Skip the hair hygiene for a day.

Superstition 4 – Leave the Laundry Alone

On the first and second day of the lunar new year, ignore the laundry pile. These two days are sacred to the celebration of Shuishen, the Water God. It is believed to be the gods birthday, and doing the laundry will offend. Plus, it gives you more time for fun and celebrations.

Superstition 5 – Stop Sweeping

You probably cleaned the house from top to bottom before the New Year arrived, in preparation for house guests and visiting family members. It’s okay to leave the broom in its place for the first day of the year, especially since tradition dictates that sweeping the floor could sweep your good fortune away.

Not a Superstition – Calling the Caterer

If you can’t wash your hair, do laundry, sweep, or make porridge, what’s left to do? Have fun, of course! Take the day off from cooking, cleaning, and preparation, and just relax! Call a great Singapore catering service to handle all the meals for you and your guests, so you can take time to enjoy the day and anticipate the wealth and prosperity that you may see this year.

Visit Eatz Catering online to order a full buffet for the 2018 Chinese New Year, or to select a mini buffet for an intimate group of friends and family members. We also offer a selection of extra festive specialties, such a roasted leg of lamb, Eight Treasures fried rice, a Paradise Treasure Pot (Pen Cai), or a DIY Popiah set. Contact us today with any questions you may have, and we’ll help you with all the details of your order.