Cost-Saving Catering for a Small Party

Not every event has to be extravagant, with a long guest list, a big budget, and lots of entertainment. You can have just as much fun, or more, when you host a small private gathering instead. But what if you don’t want to cook and prepare the food yourself? Find out how you can have top-quality catering service in Singapore for your small party, saving yourself stress and saving money, too.

The Right Occasions for a Small Party

Do you have relatives coming to town? Perhaps you’d like to make them feel special by throwing a small party in your home. Maybe you haven’t seen some of your friends in a long time, and you’re eager to get everyone together for an evening of conversation, games, and fun. A birthday, anniversary, or graduation celebration doesn’t have to be a huge event. Sometimes, it can be even more enjoyable when celebrated in a small group of the people who really care about you. If you’re running a small business, you can boost morale among your few employees by hosting little parties and providing excellent food.

Mini Buffets

Are you planning a small gathering of 12 to 20 people? The mini buffets from Eatz Catering are designed for just such occasions. Different menus are available, including continental breakfast options with American-style hash browns, scrambled eggs, freshly baked croissants, and fresh fruit. There are even vegetarian mini buffets if your guests are avoiding meat.

We offer mini buffets for a dozen or more people, with prices ranging from $11.50 per guest for the Par-Tea Sets to $40 per guest for our Supreme Set. You can select the menu that suits your price, including our North Indian, Malay, Japanese, Peranakan, Thai, Chinese, international, or BBQ mini buffet options. Eatz Catering is a Halal-certified caterer in Singapore, so you can trust that anything we present will be pleasing to your Muslim friends or relatives.

Side Orders

Do you want to add some items to your mini buffet order or supplement other food that you are providing? Eatz Catering sells side orders of delicious items like traditional Mee Siam or Nonya Laksa. Homemade pies, chicken satay, mutton satay, or beef satay are available for groups of a dozen or more guests. If you want to entertain your guests as well as feed them, get them involved in the food preparation by ordering a DIY Popiah set or a DIY Kueh Pie Ti set.

Packed Snacks

Want to add a few extra snacks into the mix? Our snack packs are delivered in simple, convenient boxes that you can hand out to guests and then easily dispose of after the event. You can order them alone or add them to another food order with Eatz Catering. Depending on the size of your gathering, you can order as few as 20 packed snacks or as many as 100.

One of our clients’ favourites is the $8 packed snack option, perfect for a minimum of 20 people at a small party. These hearty snacks include plenty of choices, including chicken sausage rolls and walnut brownie slices. Whether you’re looking for something exotic like Norwegian salmon pie, or something familiar like Wu Xiang on skewers, you’ll find it in this delightful packed snack. Each snack comes with a 500 ml bottle of mineral water or a Pokka packet drink.

When you’re ready to plan your small party, whether it’s at home or some other venue, call Eatz Catering. We’ll help you find the right deal so you can save money and treat your special guests to a delicious experience!