Design the Ideal Corporate Lunch Buffet with Eatz Catering

Dining together is an important part of human culture. It’s a ritual that is just as essential for business partners and colleagues as it is for families and friends. When people come together for great food, they form relationships, engage in open communication, and gain inspiration for new ideas and new products. The next time you host a corporate lunch, hire Eatz Catering to provide a fantastic buffet spread to impress the corporate leaders, company employees, and others at your gathering. Consider the following options.

Menu A: A Feast of International Delights

When you need a Singapore caterer that can produce authentic, delicious international flavours, remember to pick Eatz Catering. Our skilled chefs know how to replicate the signature flavours and famous dishes of many different cultures, and they will bring those exotic entrees to your buffet table in style. Our “Menu A” corporate buffet includes an array of international delights, starting with a Golden Vegetarian Salad Roll as the appetizer.

Next, your guests can serve themselves hearty helpings of Mediterranean Grilled Chicken, a Middle Eastern dish with a perfect char and savoury spice blend. Platters of Barbecued Fish Kebabs or Fish Skewers are also prepared in the Middle Eastern style. De-shelled Garlic Butter Prawns are a familiar treat, while Hungarian Lamb Ragout offers a rich alternative to the Asian cuisine that your guests usually eat. Menu A also includes Mediterranean Rice with raisins and a medley of Deluxe Mixed Vegetables, both of which are suitable for your vegetarian guests.

For dessert, our Singapore catering service presents Chocolate Custard Pudding in crystal-clear shot glasses. We’ll also provide a magnificent platter of deluxe fresh fruits. With your order, you receive a cold beverage— a refreshing apple juice to quench your guests’ thirst.

Menu B: A Japanese-Inspired Buffet Spread

People all over the world enjoy the beautiful presentation and fresh flavours of Japanese cuisine. Whether you’re serving the employees at your business, a group of executives from other companies, or a gathering of professionals from all over the world, offering a Japanese-inspired buffet spread is an ideal choice.

Our Menu B corporate buffet lunch begins with Japanese Potato Salad, an enticing dish that tempts the palate and serves as the perfect opener for the main dishes. Hot entrees include Japanese Chicken Katsu, a popular item that we serve with mayonnaise. Since the nation of Japan is surrounded by the ocean and all its bounty, seafood is an important part of the Japanese style of cuisine. Your seafood-loving guests can partake of Tempura Ebi Prawns or beautifully prepared Spring Onion Fish Fillets. Long skewers of delicious Japanese Teriyaki Scallops are easy for guests to grab on their way down the buffet line.

For vegetable fans and vegetarian guests, we provide a couple of options, and you can add others if needed. Just call Eatz Catering to let us know about dietary needs or substitutions of vegetarian dishes. Your Menu B corporate buffet comes with Garlic Fried Rice topped with seaweed, as well as Sauteed Vegetables.

For the dessert course, we set out shining shot glass filled with beautiful Green Tea Custard Pudding. A platter of fresh fruit nearby offers an alternative dessert choice. To go with the Japanese theme, Eatz Catering provides unsweetened iced green tea.

Order Your Corporate Buffet Lunch

In addition to Menu A and Menu B, Eatz catering offers three other corporate buffet lunch options, each with its own selection of tasty signature dishes and refreshing accompaniments. With our superior Halal catering in Singapore, you can rest assured that your guests will be well-fed and will return to their homes or hotels with good memories of the meal. Visit the website today to customise your corporate buffet lunch order.

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