Discover the Exotic Taste of North India and South India

Have you ever visited India? Experience the taste differences between the Northern and Southern regions of India through authentic mini buffets from Eatz Catering.

Culinary Reflections of Regional Differences

In the temperate northern regions of India, wheat is a popular crop. The prevalence of wheat makes its way into the cuisine, inspiring popular dishes like roti and naan. In contrast, the South of India tends to focus more heavily on rice in its dishes, since those regions grow plenty of rice.

Perhaps because of the blandness of the rice, cooks in Southern India tend to use spices much more heavily in their dishes, while the food of North India is less spicy. North India favours creamier, richer dishes, while South India dishes may have a water-based consistency. This occurs because the bread-eating Northerners like creamy, heavy sauces, while the Southerners eat their rice with thinner, broth-like juices.

In North India, the fields and herds yield plenty of milk, yogurt, onions, garlic, and tomatoes, and those elements feature heavily in the food. The people of the South tend to prefer native fruits and vegetables, coconut milk, coconut oil, and curry leaves.

The North Indian Mini Buffet

Priced at $15.67 per guest, or $15.75 with GST, the North Indian mini buffet set focuses on Mutton Chetinad, Tandoor baked chicken and fish Amritsari. It comes with Kadai vegetables and Jeera rice, as well as pyramid samosa. For dessert, your Singapore catering service provides chocolate eclairs and cream puffs.

The South Indian Mini Buffet

The South Indian mini buffet costs $14.83 per person, or $15.87 with GST; and it reflects the predominant tastes and textures of Southern India. It features Pyramid Samosa, Chicken Masala, and Mutton Roganjosh. Golden Fish 65, Cauliflower with turmeric, and fragrant Biryani rice are also part of the meal. To complete the buffet, there is mango pudding with vanilla sauce.

Vegetarian Variations of the Indian Mini Buffets

Our Singapore catering service also offers vegetarian versions of both the South Indian and North Indian sets. The North Indian variation features mushroom soup, mock chicken with black pepper, and dry Mushrooms Masala. Sides includes Aloo Gobi Fry, vegetables Korma, Jeera rice, and pyramid samosa. Hot Gulab Jamun completes the meal.

Priced at $13.17 per person, or $14.09 with GST, the South Indian vegetarian version includes vegetables Pakoda, Mock Mutton Mysore, and Kadai vegetables. The rice is a tomato or lemon version, but the pyramid samosa and cauliflower dishes are the same as those in the non-vegetarian set. Instead of mango pudding, dessert is a healthy deluxe fresh fruit platter.

At your next party or other event, introduce your guests to the unique flavours of either North India or South India. You can order these mini buffets or larger buffets on the Eatz Catering website. If you have questions or you need further assistance, call us, and one of our friendly representatives will make sure that you receive a fantastic mini buffet for your gathering.