Doing the Math: The Numbers You Need for a Successful Catered Event

When you’re hosting an event, you may have to do a lot more math than you planned on doing. Companies providing catering in Singapore like Eatz Catering will take care in calculating portion sizes; but you’ll still have to provide your Singapore caterer with some vital data. Without those crucial numbers, you could end up having too much or too little food available at your event. Take a look at how the math works for a catered dinner.

Delivering the Numbers

You have to place your catering order far in advance, sometimes weeks or months ahead of time. How can you possibly place an order without knowing how many will attend? It’s important to understand a few different types of counts that your Singapore caterer may request.

• Estimated count— the number of people you think may attend your event. For example, when you first hire the catering company, you may tell them that you’re having a wedding with about 150 guests. It’s not a firm number, just a general estimate to get things started.

• Expected count— the number of people you expect to come to the event. This count is given to the caterer a few weeks before the dinner or reception. It’s a much more accurate number, but still not entirely precise. This number needs to be within 10-15 percent of the final count.

• Final count—the number of guests for whom you will be paying. This number may represent either the number of place setting provided for the dinner or the amount of food prepared and presented on the buffet line. This number is given to the caterer on an agreed due date. If it is changed after the due date, the caterer may charge an extra fee.

Planning Ahead

At Eatz Catering, we sometimes recommend that our clients order a buffet set with a lower minimum head count— for example, you may be inviting 45 guests, but you might order a buffet set for 25 people at the set price of $15.80 per guest. Closer to the time of the event, you can call the Singapore caterer and give your final count of 33 guests, based on the replies you’ve received from everyone. The caterer will add that number of extra guests to the order and adjust the bill accordingly.

If children are attending the event, you can count them as a half portion if they are up to nine years old. Kids 10 or older will likely eat more, and therefore should count as an adult, with a full portion of food.

Including a Buffer for Unexpected Guests

You may find that a few extra people show up at your event. Perhaps their other engagements were cancelled and they were able to attend after all, or perhaps they failed to reply to your invitation even though they planned to come. A good Singapore catering company, like Eatz Catering, will include a buffer in your buffet order. Our chefs will prepare 10 percent more food than you have ordered, just in case. For example, if you give the head count as 33 people, we’ll make enough for 3-4 more people to be served.

When you order from Eatz Catering, you can count on us to help you calculate the amount of food you’ll need based on your final head count. Check out our buffets, live stations, cocktail receptions, and other fantastic catering options by visiting our website.