Encourage Your Coworkers with a Lunchtime Feast

Have your coworkers or employees been putting in long hours on the job? Maybe you have all been working together towards a particular product goal, or trying to secure a specific client. Sometimes a nice lunch together can build team spirit, celebrate the achievement of goals, or encourage everyone to keep pursuing excellence. Discover some options for your corporate catered lunch with Eatz Catering.

Menu D: A Blend of International Flavours

Our Menu D variation for the corporate lunch buffet is a celebration of international flavours. A fresh Caesar salad starts the meal. Tandoori baked prawns Tikka represent Indian cuisine, while golden fish fillets with sweet and sour sauce are a familiar favourite for Singaporean guests. Grilled gourmet sausage, prepared in accordance with Halal guidelines, is served up with mustard, in the style of German and American cuisine. There are beef cubes with Italian herbs for a taste of Italy, and signature fried rice with Ebiko.

For dessert, this particular menu features Lychee Panna Cotta and a deluxe platter of premium fresh fruits. When you order, you’ll be able to select either iced lemon tea or a refreshing lemon barley drink as the beverage of choice, in addition to water.

All of these delectable dishes are available for your corporate buffet at a reasonable price. You’ll need to order for a minimum of 30 guests at a cost of $14.80 per person, or $15.84 with GST. If you need food for more people, just add those extra guests to your order at the same price point.

Menu E: A Celebration of Thai Cuisine

Another popular lunch buffet for our corporate clients is the Menu E option. This menu showcases several Thai dishes, with a little Vietnamese cuisine as well. The buffet begins with delicious lemongrass Thai fish cakes, and continues with a tasty selection of main dishes, such as Thai grilled chicken and Thai Tom Yum prawns with lemongrass. Your guests can also partake of Vietnamese stuffed crab, a true delicacy, as well as Dory fish fillets with Royal Thai sauce. Along with the main dishes, there are side dishes of Thai-style mixed vegetables with young corn and pineapple fried rice with chicken floss.

For dessert, our catering service in Singapore provides mango pudding with vanilla flan and fresh mint leaves. There is also a platter piled with delicious fresh fruits. Beverage choices include sweet iced tea or iced lemon tea.

Your Corporate Buffet Lunch Order

Either one of these fabulous lunch menus is sure to delight your coworkers or employees. Celebrate their hard work with a hearty meal, and they’ll be ready to dive back into their labours after lunch. When you’re ready to order your corporate lunch buffet, you can place the order online or contact Eatz Catering directly.

We’ll bring the food to your venue of choice, set up the buffet, and provide cleanup services afterwards. If you’d like to make the occasion even more special for your colleagues, consider adding a live cooking station or a special side order to impress everyone.

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