Enjoy a Buffet for the Health-Conscious Food-Lover

Living in Singapore can be a wonderful, exciting experience, especially with such a wealth of fantastic food everywhere you go. Noodles of every kind, delicious fried rice, dumplings, and a myriad of other tasty options crowd the hawker stalls and the menus at restaurants. If you’ve found yourself indulging a little too often in the more fatty, greasy options, you may want to take a break from those less healthy dishes. Instead, try some healthier food choices that are equally delicious and much better for your body.

Buffets with a Healthy Twist

If you are looking for catering in Singapore to order some high-quality, healthy food at your reception, family reunion, corporate gathering or dinner party, contact Eatz Catering. We’ll set you up with some menu choices that are better for your health and the health of your guests. In fact, we have six different Healthier Choice buffet menus, with a range of affordable prices. We also supply Healthier Choice tea reception buffet menus that offer smaller portion sizes to encourage healthy eating habits.

Featured Healthy Buffet for 50 People

One of our popular Healthier Choice buffet menus is available for just $10.80 per person, or $11.56 per person with GST. You’ll need to order food for a minimum of 50 guests to receive this pricing. In accordance with HPB guidelines, this particular menu and the others in our Healthier Choice list contain less oil, less fat, and less salt. The buffet features 11 courses and a beverage.

Healthy Appetizers

For the appetizer select either chicken nuggets with tartar dip or oven-baked BBQ pizza. The BBQ pizza has less cheese, which also means less fat; and since it’s baked, it uses less oil than a fried appetizer.

Low-Fat Entrees

Your first choice of hot entree includes either Chicken Char Siew Pau or Steamed Chicken Siew Mai. Both dishes incorporate chicken, a leaner, healthier option. The steaming of the chicken Siew Mai keeps it less greasy and fatty.

Other entree options include Nyonya chicken curry with potatoes, which packs a lot of flavour without including too much salt or fat. Sliced fish with spring onions and ginger is also flavourful with few calories. Add in those healthy vegetables with Thai-style mixed vegetables and mushrooms, plus steamed rice with yams and black sliced mushrooms. The menu also includes egg noodles, cooked with vegetables in just a little bit of oil. Seafood sticks with egg tofu and sweet gourd are also included with your buffet’s hot entrees.

Dessert Alternatives

Dessert is dangerous for someone trying to eat healthy foods. Desserts are often loaded with sugar, fat, and calories. However, if you choose a Healthier Choice buffet, you and your guests can enjoy a deluxe fresh fruit platter instead of dessert. It’s a guilt-free treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth and improve your health, too.

Low-Sugar Beverages

Along with the food, you’ll receive complimentary ice water for all your guests, or you can request warm water with sliced lemon. In addition, your Singapore caterer provides iced lemon tea with reduced sugar. Thanks to Eatz Catering, you can still enjoy a wonderful feast while choosing food that is good for your body.