Enjoy Breakfast the American Way!

Americans love breakfast. It’s the first and most important meal of the day, after all. On many days, the average American may not have time to enjoy a big breakfast; but when it’s a weekend or a holiday, they can really cook up a breakfast feast. For a birthday, a corporate retreat, or other important¬†events, make your guests feel special by treating them to a hearty American-style breakfast, provided by Eatz Catering.

Guests and Pricing for the American Breakfast Mini Buffet

Our Singapore catering service excels at reproducing the most delicious dishes from other nations, from Japan and the Middle East to Europe and American. The American breakfast mini buffet serves a minimum of 12 people, but can be expanded to serve additional guests if your group is larger. The price is $12.33 per person, or a total of $148 for a dozen guests.

A Halal-Certified American Breakfast

The traditional American breakfast often includes food that are not Halal, or “clean.” However, since Singapore has a large population of Muslims, Eatz Catering ensures that every dish we serve conforms to Halal requirements. We are a certified Halal caterer in Singapore, and we maintain our kitchens, serving dishes, utensils, and all other equipment in accordance with Halal standards. Our menus feature only Halal foods, and we have adapted the classic American breakfast to fit within those guidelines as well. Your Muslim guests will be able to relax and enjoy their meal without having to be concerned about dietary restrictions.

Savoury Hot Entrees

Americans like plenty of protein and carbohydrates in their breakfast, to ensure that they have ample energy to get through the morning. Grilled chicken sausages and scrambled eggs are tasty protein sources. The American hash browns, or shredded fried potatoes, represent a delicious source of carbohydrates.

Freshly Baked Delights

Baked goods are also a primary component of the classic American breakfast. Enjoy a soft, freshly baked croissant roll or sample the assortment of breakfast muffins available from the mini buffet. We provide blueberry muffins and banana muffins for your guests.

If you’re looking for something healthy, fresh, and low in calories, step over to the fresh fruit platter on the mini buffet. These premium fruits are the perfect complement to the hearty richness of chicken frankfurters, eggs, croissants, and hash browns.

A Delicious Beverage

Americans typically drink some type of juice with their breakfast. The traditional beverage of choice is orange juice, so Eatz Catering provides fresh orange juice for your guests. Fill up a plate at the mini buffet, pour a glass of juice, and sit down to enjoy the American breakfast experience.

An Easy Way to Order

If your guests are Americans, this fantastic breakfast will make them feel right at home. If they are from Singapore, they will enjoying trying some new foods and feeling as if they have just taken a culinary tour overseas. Go online or call Eatz Catering to order the American breakfast mini buffet for a group of your guests.