Exclusive Premium Buffets to Delight Your Guests

Would you like to give some family members or friends a treat? Provide them with a wonderfully luxurious buffet experience, complete with some of Singapore’s most exclusive traditional dishes. Fish maw soup, crayfish in chilli crab sauce, and an exotic seafood platter are just a few examples of the delights awaiting your visitors at your next party! Find out more about Eatz Catering’s premium buffets.

A Quick View of a Premium Buffet

One of our premium buffets offers a luxury experience at a cost of just $43.80 per guest, or $52.22 with GST. The buffet begins with a premium platter of delicious seafood, such as seasoned baby octopus, marinated prawns with mayonnaise, marinated sesame seaweed, smoked mussels, and marinated sesame jellyfish. Sliced smoked duck is a welcome addition to the platter. Along with this delectable platter, there is a premium seafood dish of braised abalone with sea cucumber and broccoli in superior stock.

The next course is fish maw soup served with crab meat, conpoy, and shredded chicken. Following that, your guests can partake of signature steamed chilli crabs, a famed Singaporean delight. The buffet tables are also loaded with heavenly hot entrees, like Cantonese-style butterfly roasted chicken, steamed red snapper fillets, and our Ee Fu Mee with Enoki mushrooms. Delicacies like Sambal Belachan Sotong on banana leaves and poached tiger prawns with wolfberries are also part of this elegant buffet spread.

To complete the meal, guests drink either iced lemon tea or premium Australian fruit juice. The dessert options include Teow Chew yam paste with Gingko nuts and coconut milk, French assorted macaroons, and chocolate mousse.

Other Exclusive Buffet Options

Each of the four premium buffets provided by Eatz Catering includes a different variety of dishes. While some of the elements remain the same, other exclusive options are available, so you can select the menu that best suits your preferences.

Indulge your guests’ appetites by selecting a top-quality buffet with Eight Treasures fried rice, golden fried prawns with salted egg yolk, and honey-baked chicken with sesame seeds. Our expert chefs at our catering service in Singapore can create Eight Treasures fried rice that is both tasty and completely Halal for your guests. It contains Chinese chicken sausages, chicken ham, prawns, Pacific clams, carrots, and golden eggs, among other ingredients. Chinese New Year mango cakes and chocolate mousse with chocolate flakes create the perfect end to a marvellous dinner.

Ordering Exclusive Catering in Singapore

If you’re ready for the ultimate buffet experience, contact us at Eatz Catering. We offer our top-level, extravagant buffets to groups of 30 or more individuals, at reasonable prices that reflect the superb quality of the food and the high level of craftsmanship that creates every dish.

Our easy online ordering process is one way to arrange the food for your special event; or you can call our team and one of our representatives will help you plan the details. From familiar favourites like chilli crabs to festive treats like roasted lamb legs with roasted pumpkin and mushroom sauce, our luscious dishes are sure to transform your event into a memory that guests will cherish for years.

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