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Sometimes, a simple boxed lunch isn’t special enough for the occasion. Maybe you are reuniting with friends that you haven’t seen in years. Perhaps you’re hosting some potential clients, or treating out-of-town guests to the best that Singapore has to offer. In a situation that requires a more elegant lunch option, the lacquer boxes from Eatz Catering may be the perfect solution.

An Elegant Lunch Option

Our Singapore catering service provides four distinct kinds of lacquer boxes— Japanese, Western, Italian, and Cantonese. While a Bento boxed lunch in a disposable container works for many occasions, sometimes you want an extra touch of luxury to celebrate an occasion or impress someone. That’s what the lacquer boxes provide— a sturdy lunch box that you can clean and reuse if you like, along with a tasty assortment of delicacies unique to a particular culture.
Each lacquer box lunch set is available for a minimum number of ten guests, although more lunches may be added. The lunches are priced at $25.00 for each person, or $26.75 with GST.

Japanese Lacquer Box

Inside the Japanese Lacquer Box, you’ll find a beautifully arranged sampling of Japanese cuisine. There’s a Caesar Salad with Smoked Salmon to start off the lunch. Next come the main entree meats, over-baked Yakitori Chicken and Teriyaki Codfish Fillet. A side of Japanese Potato Croquettes complements the heat of Tempura Prawns with Wasabi Mayonnaise. We also include Wok Garlic Fried Rice, a few pieces of deluxe fresh fruit, and a bottle of orange juice.

Western Lacquer Box

Another popular lacquer box is the Western version. This particular box is ideal if you are hosting guests from America, or if your guests enjoy trying other kinds of cuisine. Potato Salad with Smoked Chicken is tucked into one compartment of the box, while in another we include Baked Chicken with a creamy chive-butter sauce. For seafood lovers, there’s a small piece of Breaded Salmon with honey mustard sauce, as well as some prawns with sweet Thai dressing. Other side dishes include a Golden Chicken Roll and Fuselli Pasta Aglio Olio with mushrooms. With tiramisu cake for dessert and a refreshing bottle of orange juice on the side, this luxurious lunch is sure to please any guest.

Easy Ordering Process

In addition to the Japanese and Western lacquer boxes, our catering in Singapore also offers Cantonese and Italian versions with different menu items inside the box. We also offer standard packet meals or bentos, as well as packed snacks, Japanese bentos, or executive bentos.

Order these items or browse additional options on our website, or call Eatz Catering directly to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. We’ll be happy to arrange delivery of boxed lunches, buffet meals, packed snacks, or other food items, depending on the occasion and your preferences. Our ordering process is quick and easy, whether you arrange for catering online or over the phone. Our goal is to help your event succeed by providing delicious food that your guests will remember fondly for a long time.

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