Feed the Hungry Students at Your Camp with Value Meals!

Summertime means holidays, good food, and a break from the routine of school; and for many students, it’s also time to attend uni camp or school orientation camp. If you’re hosting one of these camps, you’ll need to feed a horde of hungry kids or teens, and you don’t have a huge budget for the meals. It’s time to get help from Eatz Catering, a Singapore catering service that can serve up any kind of food with excellence, from extravagant buffet spreads to affordable, tasty lunches.

Value Pricing for Delicious Meals

Our Singapore catering service offers several different value meal menu options. They are all designed for groups of 120 or more, to ensure that we are able to pass on the best savings and value to you as our client. Most of the value meals are priced at just $2.50 per person, or $2.68 with GST. Our Mee Rebus set and our enhanced mixed rice meal are priced a little higher, at $3 per guest or $3.21 with GST. Either way, you’ll be able to serve a nutritious, filling meal to over a hundred campers, for under $5 per person. It’s a great deal that will save your school time and money.

Singapore’s Favourite Foods

In our value meals, we include some of the favourite foods of Singapore’s kids and teenagers. We’re talking about Nasi Lemak, Mee Rebus, and chicken rice! Your camp guests will be pleasantly surprised to see these traditional comfort foods in their foam boxes at lunchtime.

Menu Choices for Boxed Value Meals

Our Nasi Lemak value meal includes a filling portion of Nasi Lemak, plus an omelet or fish Otah. There’s also Ikan Bilis and peanut, fish cake, sambal, and a cucumber slice in the box.
If you selection the steamed chicken rice value meal instead, your campers will be delighted to find moist chicken rice, topped with steamed chicken with oyster sauce. On the side are several slices of refreshing cucumber, as well as garlic chilli.

The Mee Rebus set is just slightly more expensive, but it is packed with delicious boiled yellow Mee. There’s also a hard-boiled egg in the box, along with favourite toppings like sliced green chillis, beansprouts, Tahu Pok, and gravy.

Halal Catering for Uni Camp or Orientation Camp

One advantage of ordering from Eatz Catering is our Halal certified status. We are a Halal caterer in Singapore, so every piece of equipment, all utensils and dishes, and all our food is completely Halal. Any Muslim students in your group will be happy to know that they can partake of the meals without any problems.

Online Orders Through Eatz Catering

When you’re ready to order some value meals for your uni camp or food for a school orientation camp, just visit the Eatz Catering website. Our online ordering process is simple and quick; but if you have additional questions or you want to add extras, just give us a call and one of our representatives can help you customise your order.