Get Tasty Catering for a Tight Budget!

Are you interested in looking for catering in Singapore, but you’re worried that your budget isn’t big enough? At Eatz Catering, we serve everyone, from those with a minimal budget to those who have ample funds for the occasion. If you’re trying to feed a lot of people for just a few dollars apiece, you’ve come to the right place. Our Singapore catering service offers a selection of value meals, tasty and healthy, yet priced low enough to suit a tight budget.

The Mixed Rice Value Meal

Our delicious mixed rice value meal is available for the incredibly low price of $2.50 per person, or $2.68 with GST. You can order these meals for a minimum of 120 guests, so they work well for large gatherings like seminars, conferences, family reunions, and class events.

Every mixed rice meal comes with a hearty helping of steamed rice. Then you can choose one meat item to go with it, including options like chicken with spring onions, sweet-and-sour chicken with trio capsicum, black pepper chicken cubes, or lemon chicken. Instead of a chicken item, you can opt for fish instead, and Eatz Catering will add sweet and sour fish, breaded fish, lemonade fish, or black pepper fish to the rice. The meat and rice is accompanied by the seasonal market vegetable of the day. It’s a well-rounded, tasty meal for just a few dollars!

The Nasi Lemak Value Meal

If you’re looking for a bit more variety within the lunch box, try our Nasi Lemak value meal instead. It is also priced at $2.50 per guest, or $2.68 with GST, and you’ll need to order at least 120 lunches to get that excellent price. Like all our value meals, the food comes neatly packed in a foam box.

Each guest will receive a serving of Nasi Lemak and either an omelet or fish otah. A fish cake, Ikan Bilis and peanut, and Sambal with a cucumber slice are also in the box. Your guests are sure to enjoy this nutritious and delicious meal!

The Steamed Chicken Value Meal

When your guests open their foam boxes, they will be delighted to find a hearty helping of delicious, moist chicken rice. Several pieces of steamed chicken with oyster sauce are on top of the rice, and several deliciously cool slices of cucumber are arranged to the side. The meal comes with a bit of garlic chilli as well.

Like the other value meals, this set is available for a minimum of 120 guests at $2.50 per person. To view the full selection of value meals from our Singapore catering service, simply visit the Eatz Catering website and take a look at the prices and menu selections. You can order conveniently and quickly online, or call us and our helpful service staff will assist you with placing your catering order.