Giving Your House Guests the Royal Treatment on Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is a time of togetherness – a time to celebrate the good things of the past year and hope for more wealth and prosperity in the year to come. If you’re hosting a Chinese New Year gathering, it’s important to help your guests feel loved, warmed, and filled with delicious food. One way to give your house guests the best of everything is to order high-quality, delectable catered feasts from your favourite Singapore catering service, Eatz Catering. Find out about our deluxe options and specialty dishes that will make your guests feel like royalty.

Availability and Amounts

Eatz Catering offers several buffet menus for New Year gatherings, all at different price points for groups of different sizes. However, we also supply an entire array of extra-special festive items. You can add these specialty dishes to a buffet order, or you can order them separately to supplement whatever food you are already providing. Each set typically serves about a dozen people; so if you plan to have more guests than that, you’ll need to order multiple sets.

Pen Cai, or Paradise Treasure Pot

Our incredible Paradise Treasure Pot features all the rich delicacies that you expect in a true Pen Cai dish. You and your guests will enjoy sampling the roasted duck, black moss, broccoli, Bailing mushrooms, steamed yams, and Chinese mushrooms. We also include the traditional seafood elements, like sea cucumbers, dried scallops, large tiger prawns, and abalone heads.

If the price of $238.00 for a dozen guests is a little too steep for you, consider opting for our Prosperity Premium pot instead. In includes 12 pieces of braised baby abalone, sea cucumbers, broccoli, and whole Shitake mushrooms in a delicious broth, and it’s just $148.00 for 12 people.

Prosperity Premium Hot and Cold Platter

Offer your guests a delicious spread of delicacies on a platter! This specialty tray includes sliced smoked duck, seasoned baby octopus, and marinated sesame jellyfish— all of the highest quality thanks to our Singapore catering service. The platter also holds marinated scallops, marinated prawns with mayonnaise, and pieces of delicate smoked salmon. There’s plenty on this platter for a dozen guests, at the reasonable price of $62.80 or $67.20 with GST.

Eight Treasures Fried Rice

Although regular fried rice is delicious, the Chinese New Year calls for something extra special. Our Singapore catering chefs have created a fantastic Eight Treasures fried rice, the perfect dish to encourage prosperity and wealth in the New Year. The Eight Treasure elements include Chinese sausage, chicken ham, prawns, Pacific clams, carrots, golden eggs, green peas, and golden corn. A large dish of this festive fried rice is just $45.00, or $48.15 with GST.

Whole Roasted Meats and Poultry

Don’t feel like roasted a duck or a leg of lamb yourself? Impress your guests and save yourself time by ordering a beautifully prepared main dish from Eatz Catering. As a top Singapore caterer, our chefs are experts at roasting whole ducks, whole chickens, or lamb legs, which will look amazing on your Chinese New Year table. Review our CNY Extras Menu for pricing and options.

In addition to these Chinese New Year specialties, Eatz Catering can provide festive desserts like fruit tarts, cupcakes, cookies, and more. We also offer Chinese New Year seafood, noodle, and chicken dishes. For the full menu, pricing, and orders, visit Eatz Catering online, or call us today to place your order.