Got Hungry Guests? Feed them Fast with Packed Snacks

When you’re in charge of a big event, like a corporate gathering, a celebration, or a family reunion, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. It’s your job to think about the various needs of your guests and how you can meet those needs.

No matter what activities you have planned for the gathering, you’ll probably notice that people begin to get more irritable and emotional as they become hungry and tired. Maybe it’s not time for a full meal yet, but you can still bridge the gap between mealtimes with some tasty snacks from a top Singapore caterer. Order some packed snacks from Eatz Catering in advance and have them ready so you can quickly appease your hungry guests.

Packed Snack Sets

Our catering service in Singapore offers packed snacks for groups of various sizes, from a small group of 20 right up through large groups of 100 to 150. Some of our most popular snack sets are in the middle range, serving a minimum of 50 or 60 people.

For 60 People

The 60-pax snack set costs just $5.00 per person, or $5.35 with GST. In each convenient snack box, we’ll include a variety of delicious options, so that everyone in the group is sure to find something to enjoy.

Savoury treats in the box include an egg, chicken, and mayo sandwich, just the right size for snacking. There are Shell Curry Puffs as well, and Breaded Scallops on small skewers. For those who favour something sweet, we provide a Lemon Vanilla Swiss Roll and a Chocolate Brownie as part of each packed snack.

With all our packed snacks, we include a beverage. Keeping your guests hydrated is an important part of hosting an event, so choose between our Pokka packet drinks and our bottles of mineral water (500 ml). Each guest will receive one drink to enjoy with their snack.

For 50 People

The Eatz Catering snack set for a minimum of 50 guests is affordably priced at $6.00 per person, or $6.42 with GST. The higher cost means that you get to indulge your guests with more luxurious snack choices. In each box, we pack six different types of snacks to ensure that everyone finds something they like to eat. If someone happened to skip a meal that day, the snack is hearty enough to help them get through the hours until the next full meal.

The first item in the snack box is an Egg Chuck and Tuna Onion Sandwich. We also include Wu Xiang on a small skewer, along with a Breaded Crab Claw and a Golden Sotong Ball. A mixed Fruit Tartlet is both healthy and sweet, and a small Blueberry Muffin is delicious and filling as well.

In addition to the six snack options, each packed snack comes with a drink. When you order, choose either mineral water in 500ml bottles or select Pokka packet drinks.

Ordering Packed Snacks

Plan ahead and have snacks delivered to your event during the mid-morning, mid-afternoon, or evening. With their bellies full, your guests will be happier and your entire event can be a great success.