Have A Taste Of Our Magnificent Peranakan Buffet

Are you looking for a spread of delicious food that will astonish and delight your guests? The Peranakan buffet catering from Eatz Catering is sure to please any group, whether you’re feeding a crowd of family members or a collective of colleagues and business clients. Multilayered flavours blended with a comforting richness makes Peranakan food a perennial favourite, and no one does it better than our Singapore catering service.

The Origins of Peranakan or Nonya Cuisine

Peranakan or Nyonya cuisine originated with Chinese immigrants who settled in Singapore and Indonesia. Their signature cooking style blended with the local flavours and ingredients, creating something entirely new and supremely delicious. The old word “nonya” or “nyonya,” from the Malaysian tongue, refers to a revered and beloved female member of the family, and is often used in reference to Peranakan cooking as well.

Peranakan Buffet Appetizers and Starters


Start out your meal with a delicious appetizer of homemade seafood Ngoh Hiong, accompanied by Thai chili dip. These five-spice rolls, wrapped in delicate beancurd skin, are the ideal way to prepare your guests’ palates to enjoy the rest of the meal. We also offer Kuih Pai Tee with condiments as an appetizer. Follow up the Ngoh Hiang with Nonya Dry Mee Siam, beautifully thin rice vermicelli fried to perfection.

Peranakan Buffet Main Dishes


For the main courses, you can select from a variety of our popular Peranakan dishes. Try the Nonya chicken curry with potatoes, or serve up the delicacy Ayam Masak Buah Keluak. Sweet and sour fish is always a crowd-pleaser, as is our Assam Fish Fillet with pineapples. If you’re a lover of fried rice, include our signature Peranakan salted fish fried rice with bean sprouts or the sambal belachan fried rice in your buffet spread.

Other options include Sambal Sotong made from fresh squid and presented on banana leaves, Nonya Fish Otah wrapped in banana leaves, or the wonderfully complex mixed vegetable stew known as Nonya chap chye. For seafood fans, there is Prawn Sambal Petai or Asam Prawn with pineapples, as well as sweet and spicy sotong, fish fillets in curry sauce, or barbecued fish otah in banana leaves. Broccoli and mushrooms are excellent side options for vegetable lovers.

Peranakan Buffet Desserts and Drinks


Dessert choices like Bubur Pulut Hitam or green bean soup finish off the meal with a touch of smooth sweetness. You can also choose to have assorted nonya queh, bite-sized desserts like kueh lapis, pulut inti, ondeh ondeh, and kueh dadar. From the rainbow colors of kueh lapis to the tiny sweet packages of pulut inti, your guests will be happy to finish their meal as deliciously as it began.

Indulge your guests with our specialty drinks. Fruit punch, pink guava, or Aloha fruit punch will quench your guests’ thirst and leave them ready for another helping from the buffet.

How to Order the Peranakan Buffet

With a magnificent Peranakan buffet as the central gathering point of your occasion, you’ll be listening to compliments on the food throughout the entire event. Contact Eatz Catering right away to reserve the Peranakan buffet for your next gathering, and discover more details at EatzCatering.com.