How to Host a Memorable Seminar

Are you hosting a seminar for your company? If you want it to be memorable and successful, you’re going to need help. Here are some tips to get you started.

Make a Plan

First, you’re going to need a plan. Find a good seminar planning guide online and use it as your foundation; then customise the plan to suit your specific situation. What’s the purpose of the seminar? What are your goals and how will you use this event to reach those goals? You’ll need to establish a theme and start jotting down concrete ideas for working the theme and the main goals into every aspect of your seminar. A cohesive message is vital if you want your guests to remember what they learn from the event.

Select a Venue

If you do not have adequate space on site at your business, perhaps a local hotel, convention centre, university, or office complex has spaces available for this type of event. Find a location that is accessible for your guests, comfortably arranged, and in close proximity to restrooms and other necessary facilities. Make sure that you are allowed to have food at the venue, and make note of any restrictions regarding food so that you can share that information with your Singapore catering service.

Choose a Caterer

If you don’t feed your seminar guests, you’ll lose their attention. They will begin to grow restless and unhappy, or they may start falling asleep due to a lack of energy. If you haven’t hosted or designed a seminar before, check out some helpful tips for catering a seminar, including ways to keep your guests energised, attentive, and pleasant. Rest assured that Eatz Catering can handle the food portion of the event for you, leaving you free to mingle with your guests and deal with other event-related issues.

Invite Speakers

Choose keynote speakers who can present valuable material that supports the goals you have already established for your seminar. You’ll need expert speakers who can engage with an audience well, making them laugh, learn, and participate. Consult with your company about the budget that is available for speakers, and find some guest presenters who can offer you excellent value for the money.

Order the Food

Don’t forget to place your food order! As a prominent Singapore caterer, Eatz Catering supplies a number of different corporate menu options, some for full-day seminars and others for half-day events. Our most economical seminar package is priced at $16 per guest for a minimum of 50 people. If you choose the Menu A option, your guests will enjoy a morning tea consisting of Vegetable Spring Rolls, Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce, coffee and tea, and assorted sandwiches on whole meal or white bread.

Lunch begins with an appetizer of Beancurd Skin with seafood paste, and continues with hot entrees such as chicken curry with potatoes, Golden Fish Fillet with sweet-sour sauce, a medley of deluxe vegetables, Garlic Fried Rice, and Sin Chow Fried Bee Hoon. Apple juice and iced lemon tea are served to quench your guests’ thirst, and dessert is lychee jelly with mint leaves. Afternoon tea is a light snack of breaded crab claws, steamed chicken Char Siew Pau, and chocolate brownies, with more coffee and tea.

To see additional menu options or to place an order, visit the Eatz Catering website or call us. We are always glad to answer your questions, arrange delivery times, and discuss other catering needs for your upcoming corporate seminar.