How to Make Your Catered Event Unique

In your lifetime, you may have attended multiple catered events— weddings, seminars, banquets, camps, or birthday parties. Now that you’re planning your own large event, you want it to be something special. How do you organise an event that is truly unique? Explore the variety of interesting menu options available from Eatz Catering.

Asian Fusion

One way to make your event special is to offer unique food choices. The Asian Fusion buffet from Eatz Catering blends multiple cuisine styles into one fantastic buffet. From Indian samosas, to Thai-style grilled chicken to Chinese sweet-sour fish, the Asian Fusion buffet is sure to surprise and please your guests.

Do-It-Yourself BBQ

Instead of simply placing the prepared food in front of them, let your guests get involved in the process! The BBQ Cum buffet from Eatz Catering provides a selection of raw satay, chicken wings, fish Otah, chicken sausages, and fish balls. Your guests can grill these provisions themselves under the supervision of a chef. It’s a wonderful, flavourful experience for everyone.

Authentic Cuisine

Our Singapore catering service has top chefs who excel at a variety of cooking styles. Thanks to their skill, Eatz Catering can provide authentic buffets from different cultures. Try the African buffet, the Thai buffet, or the Middle Eastern buffet, and give your guests a tasting tour of a specific culture’s flavour palette.

Premium Buffets

Would you like to present an exclusive, luxurious buffet for honoured guests? Order one of Eatz Catering’s Premium Buffets. These buffets feature appetizers like the Premium Platter, loaded with marinated prawns, marinated sesame jellyfish, seasoned baby octopus, and smoked mussels. Other high-end dishes include ocean-caught slipper lobsters with chillli crab sauce, braised scallops and sea cucumber with lily bulbs and broccoli, and fish maw soup served with crab meat, conpoy, and shredded chicken. With side dishes like our Signature Silver Fish fried rice, this buffet is truly one of a kind.

American Breakfast

Instead of a standard buffet, why not present your guests with something beyond their usual experience? Select the American breakfast buffet and show your guests how Americans like to eat in the morning. Partake of butter croissants, halal turkey bacon and chicken ham, hash browns, scrambled eggs, apple strudel, muffins, and much more. There’s something for everyone at the American breakfast buffet.

Peranakan Buffets

Can’t get enough of those Nyonya flavours? Try the Eatz Catering Peranakan buffets. Each menu is packed with classic favourites like Nyonya chicken curry, dry Mee Siam, Sambal Belachan fried rice, and Bubur Pulut Hitam. Not every Singapore catering service offers classic Peranakan cuisine, so this type of buffet is sure to be memorable for your guests.

Placing an Order

You can order catering in Singapore for your event online, using the easy ordering process on the Eatz Catering website. If you prefer, you can also contact us directly, and a member of our customer care team will be happy to answer your questions and help you decide which menu would be perfect for your event.

Securing Extra Equipment and Services

Did you know that Eatz Catering also rents tables, chairs, linens, and tableware? We offer service staff, live food stations, and other elements that you need to make the event perfect. With our Singapore catering service, you’ll be able to create an experience that will be unique and memorable for your guests.