How to Plan a Themed Party with Good Friends

When you’re getting together with friends, consider focusing the party decor and food on a specific theme. A themed party gives you a central point around which to design the decorations, the games, the food, and the fun. Thanks to the variety of menu options available through Eatz Catering, themed buffets are easier than ever!

Arrange the Venue and Guest List

First, you’ll need to decide on the size of the party and the location. Whom will you invite? Where can you host the event? If you’re living with roommates or family members, make sure that they know about the party and that you have their permission to host it. You can always find a different venue if necessary.

Choose a Theme

Select a culinary theme that will excite and interest your friends! For example, if you want to impress your guest with authentic Japanese fare, order the Japanese buffet, available for groups of 30 or more guests. From golden chicken Katsu to pan-fried Gyoza and Japanese fried rice, your friends will love the fresh flavours of Japan. If you’d like to include sushi, call Eatz Catering and find out more about menus that feature a sushi platter.

If you prefer a heartier meal, why not order a BBQ Cum Buffet from Eatz Catering? This buffet lends itself to a BBQ-themed party, with its ample provision of BBQ chicken wings, chicken and mutton satay sticks, chicken sausages, and fish balls on skewers. Hearty sides include Nonya chicken curry with potatoes, signature work garlic fried rice, and vegetarian fried Bee Hoon.

Sending the Invitations

Make sure that the party invitations fit with the theme. If you’re hosting a Japanese-themed party, include some Japanese characters or designs on the invitation. For a party with a summer BBQ theme, images associated with summertime, beaches, sunshine, and grilling would be perfect for the invitations. Be sure to include the date, time, location, and other essential information on each invitation. Send the invitations 2-4 weeks before the event to give everyone ample time to plan to attend.

Find the Decorations

For the decorations, find some items that are iconic for the theme that you’ve chosen. For a Japanese theme, you might borrow or buy Japanese lanterns for the tables and hang paper lanterns from the ceiling. Paper pinwheels in various colours, beautiful fans, painted screens, and Asian-style parasols also bring the atmosphere of Japan to your small party.

If you’ve decided on a BBQ-themed party, you can use checkered tablecloths, bold colours, and bright flowers in ceramic pitchers or glass bottles. Wooden crates are great for extra seating, and big metal tubs full of ice are the perfect resting spot for packet drinks or bottles of water.

Create Some Activities

For a Japan-themed party activity, why not teach your guests the art of paper folding? Provide some coloured paper and have an origami session together, with a prize for the best result. BBQ party games might consist of classic board games like checkers or chess, or other traditional Asian games such as Mahjong.

Are you ready to plan a party for some of your best friends? Check the Eatz Catering website for more buffet menus and theme ideas!

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