How to Plan Your First Housewarming Party

You’ve just moved into a new space, and you’re eager to show it off to friends and family! Check out these easy steps for hosting your first housewarming party.

Create a Guest List

Whom do you want to invite into your new home? Perhaps you’d like to have some of the neighbours over. Of course, you’ll probably have friends, family members, and coworkers on the list. You can make the list of guests as extensive or exclusive as you like— after all, it’s your home. Just make sure that your flat or house can comfortably accommodate the number of people you invite. If there are too many people on the list, consider having two or three smaller parties instead of a big one.

Select a Date

Choose a date that works for you and that will probably work for the majority of the people on your list. Evenings or weekends typically work well for most people. If you have just moved in, be sure to give yourself enough time to unpack, set up the home, and clean before the date of the housewarming party.

Send Invitations

You can send paper invitations through the mail a week or two before the party, or you can send electronic invitations. Many people prefer invitations by email, Facebook, or some other electronic invitation service, since these methods permit quick and easy responses. An electronic invitation service allows you to easily collect replies, send reminders about the event, or let everyone know of a change to the date, time, or other arrangements.

Arrange for Singapore Catering

Don’t stress yourself out by trying to purchase, prepare, and present all the food yourself. Allow a respected Singapore caterer with reasonable prices to make and deliver the food for you. That way, you’ll be able to relax, give your guests tours of the home, and enjoy yourself without sweating alone in a hot kitchen. Eatz Catering has a variety of menus and options, including mini buffets that are perfect for home parties.

Unpack Boxes from the Move

Do all the unpacking you possibly can before the day of the housewarming party. If you still have a few boxes that aren’t unpacked, hide them in closets or place them discreetly in a corner of a bedroom. Every room in your home needs to look neat, because your guests will want a tour of the place when they come for the party.

Set Up the Home and Decorate

Place furniture where you want it to be, hang pictures and photos, and arrange your accessories. A vase of fresh flowers here and there, little treasures and keepsakes, and other personal touches make the home look finished and welcoming.

Stock the Rooms and Light the Candles

Make sure that bathrooms are fully stocked with tissues, toilet paper, and hand towels. The kitchen should have paper towels, dish cloths, and hand towels as well. Light a candle or two, or use an oil diffuser to help the rooms of your home smell good. Then open the doors wide and let everyone come in to your new space!

If you need a Singapore catering service for your housewarming party, you can contact Eatz Catering to arrange the details. Whether you call us or order online, our team is happy to serve you and make your housewarming party a wonderful occasion for everyone!

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