How to Throw a Stress-Free Baby Full Month Party

Congratulations on the new baby! It’s time to start planning for the traditional baby full month celebration— but you already have your hands full with your new little one. Instead of making yourself anxious and stressed-out with the planning for the event, leave it to the experts at Eatz Catering.

We’ll take care of the entire party, including the food and beverages, the setup, and more. Find out how our Singapore catering service can make your baby’s full month party memorable without adding to your responsibilities at this important time in your life.

Affordable Menu Options

At Eatz Catering, we have three different set menus from which you can choose the food for your baby’s full month celebration. Our second-level package features delicious fare for a minimum of 30 guests, although you can increase the number depending on how many people you expect at the party. The price is $13.80 per person, or $14.77 with GST.

Starters and Specialties

Our second-level menu set for a baby full month party allows you to select 13 different dishes, plus a beverage such as Apple Cordial or Aloha Fruit Punch. For the appetizer, there is delicious, savoury Russian Potato Salad. We provide individual specialty servings of Glutinous Rice with dried shrimp and mushrooms, plus our unique celebratory Boiled Red Eggs in a Chinese red basket. You can choose to let us know whether you have a baby boy or baby girl, and we’ll customise Red Ang Ku Kueh with peanut or red bean filling according to the gender.

Hot Dishes

Fill up your guests’ stomachs with refreshingly spicy Thai-style Green Curry Chicken and Breaded Fish Fillets, served with tartar sauce on the side. We’ll provide healthy deluxe Mixed Vegetables with straw mushrooms, as well as signature Mee Goreng with tomatoes. Oriental Fried Rice is a crowd-pleaser, sure to satisfy your guests’ appetites. Another popular dish in this menu set is our Australian Celery with prawns.


Everyone needs a sweet treat once in a while; and when you’re a new parent, struggling with less sleep than usual, dessert is especially welcome. For dessert, our Eatz Catering chefs serve Crystal Glass Jelly with Longan and Selasih.

Halal Catering and Vegetarian Options

Do you have family members and friend who follow a Halal diet or pursue a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle? Eatz is a recognised Halal catering service in Singapore. Everything we serve is Halal, from the food itself to the food warmers and utensils. We can also accommodate special dietary needs from vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free guests. Just let us know about the need when you place your order, and we’ll work with you to provide food that your guests will enjoy.

Thematic Party Setup

Would you like Eatz Catering to take even more pressure off you? For just $2.50 extra per person, we’ll set up the entire party for you. The Baby Full Month Thematic Party Setup includes party decorations centred on the theme of your choice. Call Eatz Catering to discuss options with one of our friendly consultants. You’ll be able to sit back and enjoy delicious food at a beautiful party, with all the work done for you. You deserve the break, and your baby deserves the best full month celebration you can provide!