How to Throw Your Kid’s Party in a Singapore HDB Flat

In Singapore, public housing is common, partially due to the dense population of the city. If you live in public housing, in flat leased by the HDB (Housing Development Board), you may feel a little confined when it comes time for celebrating a special occasion. However, a lack of space and a tight budget can’t prevent you from throwing a really enjoyable party! Explore these ideas for hosting your kid’s birthday party in an HDB flat.

Consider the Space

Measure the living room space that you have. Most HDB flats have a living room of about 40sqm, on average, although yours may be a bit smaller or larger. If you take most of the furniture out of the space, you’ll have enough room for 20 kids and up to 10 adults. Keep the seating small, using stools or small chairs instead of large pieces like sofas. You could even throw cushions on the floor as seating to save space and provide more room for activities.

Think of a Theme

Most parties are easier to plan when you centre them on a particular theme. You could let your child choose a favourite TV show, character, or book around which to create the party theme; or you can choose a generic theme like pirates, carnival, sports, the beach, superheroes, rock stars, or animals.

Cater the Food

Do not try to prepare all the food yourself. You’ll become stressed and frustrated, and the treats and snacks may not turn out as perfectly as you would like. Take the guesswork out of the process and give someone else the responsibility of preparing the food.

Eatz Catering, a trusted catering service in Singapore, provides plenty of catering options for home parties, no matter what your budget may be. We have side orders, packet meals, and full buffet menus for kids’ events. We also offer delightful packed snacks that keep the mess under control and ensure that every child gets a treat that he or she enjoys.

Create Some Activities

Now you have a place to host the party, a party theme, and catered food. Next, you need some activities and games for the kids to enjoy! Your party theme is a good place to go for inspiration. If the theme is “Detective” or “Mystery,” give the kids magnifying glasses and let them hunt for hidden clues around the flat. For an animal-themed party, they could make their own animal masks. A beach or ocean-themed party could feature a fishing game, a seashell hunt, or a game of fish freeze tag. A carnival-themed party could feature a magic show or a game of musical chairs. If you’re stumped, go online and search for game ideas that suit your party theme.

Decide on Dessert

Does your child like birthday cake? If so, be sure to order one from a Singapore bakery, or make one yourself. Alternatives to cake could include a candy buffet or an ice cream buffet. Ask Eatz Catering about sweet treats, including dessert that may already come with your Singapore catering order.

Contact us anytime about your catering needs for the party, and we’ll be happy to help you finalise the details so your kid’s party can be a success!