It’s Grill Time with our BBQ Buffet!

There’s something irresistible about the smoky flavour of grilled meat or grilled vegetables. That delicious char, those grill marks, and the spice and seasoning are just delightful. Having a BBQ Cum buffet is a unique way to involve your guests in the meal and help them become better acquainted. Find out how catering in Singapore is like and what’s included in these amazing event packages!

BBQ Buffet Set A

Our BBQ buffet packages start with a budget-friendly set priced at just $11.56 with GST for each guest. We require a minimum of 50 guests for this type of buffet order. We’ll supply you with plenty of raw food, safely packed and transported, which you and your guests can grill during the event. The choices include marinated BBQ chicken wings, chicken and mutton satay sticks, spicy mackerel Otah, chicken sausages, and fish balls on skewers.

In addition to the raw foods, we also supply cooked sides. Nonya chicken curry with potatoes, vegetarian fried bee hoon, and our signature garlic fried rice accompany the grilled entrees. For dessert, your guests can partake of vanilla cream puffs and mango bean curd with sweet Longan.

BBQ Buffet Set B

A second affordable BBQ option is our set priced at $13.70 per person with GST. The raw food options include spicy mackerel Otah, cuttlefish balls on skewers, chicken sausages, chicken kebabs, and chicken and mutton satay sticks. As a bonus, this package also comes with large fresh prawns to grill, as well as marinated fish fillets on skewers.

This particular package includes your choice of a fresh mixed greens garden salad or a rainbow coleslaw salad. You can also select either the signature seafood fried rice or the Sin Chow Fried Bee Hoon. Other options include chocolate eclairs for dessert or an extra side of baked chicken pie. The standard dessert that accompanies this BBQ buffet is mango bean curd with sweet Longan.

Beverages and Condiments

Each BBQ buffet set comes with your choice of beverages, including a refreshing lemon barley drink, fruit punch, or iced lemon tea. The catering experience in Singapore would not be complete without condiments, so we provide cooking oil, sambal chilli, and chilli sauce as well.

Accessories and Add-Ons

Many people order the BBQ buffet for an event space that already has a fire pit or two, or a grill. However, you can contact us about additional options. Upon request, we’ll provide a BBQ pit for your use during the event, for an $80 rental fee. You can also pay $150 to have a uniformed chef on site to assist guests with cooking the food.

When you order a BBQ buffet, please keep in mind that the charcoal, fire starter, lighter, and wire mesh are not included. You can purchase these yourself and have them available for the event, or you can contact us and we’ll supply those items for an upcharge of $1 per guest. Also, please remember that we cannot allow you and your guests to cook any food not provided by Eatz Catering. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy, so please restrict the cooking to the Halal-certified, high-quality food provided by your Singapore caterer.