Millennials Love Halal Food!

In countries around the world, Muslim culture is under scrutiny due to the activities of extremists like Islamic State, according to a recent article published by Time. However, one thing about Islam that more and more people have grown to appreciate is the quality of Halal food. Find out what makes Halal food different and why it is so appealing to people of the Millennial generation.

Characteristics of the Millennial Generation

Millennials, also called the Net Generation or Generation Y, are people born between 1982 and 2004. These individuals entered adulthood right around the turn of the century, so most of their adult life has been lived in the 2000s. They have grown up with technology and social media, and they are comfortable with electronics and digital issues.

The Millennials are a tolerant generation, confident and optimistic, and sometimes viewed as a bit too entitled. Some of them feel disillusioned because as children, they were told they could do anything, and that didn’t always turn out to be true. In spite of those failed expectations, Millennials are usually eager to try new things. They value new discoveries about health, wellness, and longevity, and they like discovering new or unique elements of food or culture.

In some ways, those characteristics are precisely the reason why so many Millennials have embraced the concept of food from different cultures including Halal food, even though they aren’t Muslim.

Halal Food and Muslim Dietary Law

Halal food must be prepared in a certain way. No meat from pigs and certain other creatures are allowed in the diet. For the meat that is permitted, the animals must be treated and slaughtered in a specific way, according to strict guidelines. Muslim dietary law governs the provenance and handling of all foods.

For Millennials, the source of their food is an important topic of interest. They want to know where their food originated, how it was cultivated, how the animals were cared for, and much more. Some millennials, though not vegetarians, care deeply about humane treatment for animals. Others care about dietary cleanliness or food quality in general. Still others simply enjoy the unique ingredients and flavours that many Halal markets and Halal caterers in Singapore can provide.

Halal Catering in Singapore

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