Mini Buffet Highlight: Four Popular Options

The mini buffet is the perfect choice when you’re hosting a small group of friends or family members. Each mini buffet is available for a minimum of 12 people, and you can add more guests to the package as needed. Check out some of our customers’ top choices when it comes to mini buffet menu options.

Continental Breakfast Mini Buffet

Do you have guests staying with you overnight? Are friends joining you for breakfast on the weekend? Surprise everyone with a delicious continental breakfast mini buffet, freshly prepared by the expert chefs at Eatz Catering. Our Singapore catering service will serve up a cosy buffet of grilled chicken sausages, American hash browns, scrambled eggs, and freshly baked croissants.

Your guests can select from an assortment of breakfast muffins, including blueberry and banana varieties. There will also be a platter of premium fresh fruits and deliciously fresh orange juice. For this fabulous morning spread, the price is $13.19 per person with GST.


Would your guests appreciate a savoury spread of authentic Malay dishes? Try our Malay mini buffet. You’ll enjoy Ayam Goreng Kuning, delectable Sambal Balado prawns, and 50 sticks of chicken and mutton satay, a favourite finger food. Bergedil or potato cutlets come with the meal, as well as Sayor Lodeh, or curry vegetables. Guests who are fans of fried rice will appreciate the flavours of Kampong-style fried rice. Along with the mini buffet, 13 cream puffs and 13 brownies will be delivered to satisfy your guests’ love for sweets. You’ll pay only $14.09 person with GST for this fantastic spread.


Chinese cuisine has had a significant influence on Singapore’s food culture, so we’ve set aside an entire mini buffet menu to celebrate the unique flavours of Chinese food. For just $14.98 per person, indulge your small party of guests with Sweet and Sour Chicken, Braised Fish Maw with seafood and mushrooms, and Australian Celery with fish fillets. For those veggie lovers, there is a dish of broccoli and mushrooms, while tasty Seafood Tofu is sure to please the palates of your visitors. As a hearty, homestyle option, there is Fried Rice with seafood and salted fish. To end the delicious meal, try our Iced Mango Bean Curd with sweet Longan.


Thai food incorporates a special freshness and spice, a real treat for a small group of your close friends, family members, or coworkers. Start the meal with Lemongrass Thai fish cakes, followed by Thai Grilled Chicken Wings and Thai-Style Fish. Specialty dishes include Sugarcane Prawns on sticks, as well as Baby Kailan with mushrooms. The Thai Fried Rice is a sure crowd-pleaser, and it comes topped with chicken floss, seafood, and pineapple. The dessert included with this feast is Kiwi Seed Jelly with Longan and fruit cocktail. The Thai set is available at a reasonable price of $14.98 per guest.

To order a mini buffet for a small party or some other intimate occasion, simply contact Eatz Catering. As a top caterer in Singapore, we’ll be happy to provide you and your guests with an unforgettable meal.