Premium Dinner Buffets for your Extravagant Event

When you need to produce a luxurious dinner buffet on a budget, you need a caterer in Singapore who understands how to balance premium quality with value. At Eatz Catering, we offer a variety of buffets, from international buffets and New Year buffets to mini buffets and corporate buffets. Our selection of premium buffets take our delicious food to the next level, with the finest ingredients and the most attractive presentation. If you need to impress your guests, an Eatz Catering premium buffet is the way to go.

Premium Ingredients, Divine Flavours

Our first premium buffet menu is priced at $28.80 per person, or $30.82 per person with GST. While it is the most budget-friendly of the four premium buffet menus, it incorporates a variety of delicacies and rich dishes into a lavish spread that your guests will love.

To begin the meal, guests may enjoy Golden Fried Chicken Dumplings, or sample offerings from our premium platter. The premium platters include Marinated Prawns, Marinated Sesame Seaweed, Smoked Mussels, Marinated Sesame Jellyfish, Seasoned Baby Octopus, and Sliced Smoked Duck.

Moving on to the next course, your guests will find a true delicacy— Fish Maw Soup served with Shredded Chicken, Crab Meat, and Conpoy. Our skilled chefs have mastered the skills to execute this tasty dish to perfection.

Next comes our premium seafood, a wonderful dish of Ocean-Caught Slipper Lobsters in Chill Crab Sauce. We also supply delicious Wasabi Mayonnaise Prawns with Almond Flakes and a dish of Braised Scallops and Sea Cucumbers with Broccoli and Lily Bulbs. Following that, guests fill their plates with Cantonese-Style Butterfly Roasted Chicken, Grilled Salmon Fillets in Garlic Butter Sauce, and our Signature Wok-Fried Rice with Silver Fish.

At the end of the buffet stand our beautiful premium desserts. Richly coloured, refreshing Mango Panna Cotta is paired with Mango Puree and provided in individual dishes. If your guests prefer something more traditionally Asian, they can select Teow Chew Yam Paste with Coconut Milk and Gingko Nuts.

More Lavish Buffet Options

Our premium buffet sets are available at various price points so that you can find the right option for your budget. If you’re interested in some of our more luxurious buffet choices, visit our premium buffet selection page on the Eatz Catering website to view additional options. Our most extravagant buffet includes a beautiful Roasted Leg Of Lamb, accompanied by Roasted Pumpkins and Mushroom Sauce, as well as other delicacies.

Rental Services

Would you like dinnerware and equipment to make your event even more special? Our Singapore catering service also offers beautiful chinaware, glassware, coffee cups, and flatware for rent. We rent square or round tables, cloth napkins, and table linens, as well as chairs in a variety of styles, from place PVC chairs to Tiffany-style seating. You can also rent extra food warmers, as long as you plan to use them with Halal foods. As a Halal caterer in Singapore, we ensure that all our equipment, accessories, and food options are completely adhering to the Halal stipulations.

Inquiries and Orders

If you have any questions about ordering a premium buffet from Eatz Catering, please feel free to call us. You can also complete your order online with our easy-to-use menu system. Our Singapore catering has become well-known for its high quality, beauty, and cleanliness, and we are happy to offer our best service for your event.

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