Singapore’s Delicious Cultural Blend

Singapore, the island city-state, land of skyscrapers and gardens, serves as a hub of culture and commerce not only for Southeast Asia, but for the world. Rated as the second most competitive country and the third largest foreign exchange market, Singapore has found ways to stay at the cutting edge of finance and technology throughout recent decades. Within this small yet powerful city-state, there are four official languages, including English, Tamil, Mandarin, and Malay; and the food in Singapore is even more unique and varied than its spoken languages.

When you’re hosting a gathering in Singapore, you have the opportunity to celebrate the rich cultures and cuisine of all the Singaporeans who will be attending. Find out how Eatz Catering helps you appeal to the different tastes of your guests.

The Food of Singapore

Singaporean cuisine doesn’t have just one place of origin. The delicious fare that you find at fine dining establishments and street hawker stalls comes from a multitude of countries. It’s as if all the best flavours of Southeast Asia and other parts of the world have found their way to Singapore. From Fish Head Curry and Nyonya chicken dumplings to Sambal Belachan Sotong and Ee Fu Mee, every dish becomes Singaporean, no matter where it originated.

A Culinary Lifestyle

With so many delicacies and treats to try, it’s not surprising that Singaporeans love to eat. In fact, eating with friends or with family is a big part of the Singaporean lifestyle. Reflecting that love of food and togetherness is an important part of planning an event in Singapore. You’ll need the help of an expert Singapore caterer, a group of skilled chefs and service staff who know how to make amazing food and present it in a beautiful way.

The Fantastic Favourites

Singaporean chefs, whether in hawker centers or in restaurants, know their noodles. You won’t find better-tasting noodles anywhere, thanks to the skills and recipes that have been passed down through generations to modern-day cooks.

Grilled meat on skewers is another Singaporean specialty. It’s all in the spices and the perfect grilling technique. Add a condiment like sambal chilli dip on the side, and you have a treasured treat. Chilli crabs, Xiao Long Bao soup dumplings, Chicken Rice, and delicious Dim Sum are some of the fantastic favourites that visitors and residents love.

Catering to Diverse Groups

As a Halal caterer in Singapore, Eatz Catering keeps all the food we serve conformed to the Halal dietary restrictions. However, we also manage to create an amazingly diverse array of menu options. Corporate buffets are designed to impress your colleagues and clients; premium buffets will wow guests at any gathering. Our BBQ Cum buffet offers rich flavours and various meats, while our international buffets celebrate foods from Europe, the Middle East, Japan, America, and other parts of the world.

With our Fusion Asian buffet, you and your guests can truly appreciate the richness of the cuisine from several different Asian nations. Whether you’re interested in focusing on one culinary style or offering a blend of them all, Eatz Catering has options that are sure to please you and your guests.

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