Snack Packs for Parties and Celebrations

Whether you’re hosting a small party, organising a long work conference, or celebrating a special accomplishment, you probably want to include food as part of the event. You don’t have to pay for an entire meal for the occasion; instead, just order snack packs from your local Singapore catering service. Eatz Catering has an entire menu of snack packs, featuring delicious traditional treats at affordable prices.

Schedule a Snack Break

Our first set of packed snacks serves 150 people. The price is $3 per person, or $3.21 with GST. Order these snacks when you’re planning a big corporate retreat, a full-day conference, a long afternoon meeting, or a mid-morning or mid-afternoon party for friends and family. The snacks are an ideal treat between meals, a break in the routine of the day or a centrepiece of your celebration.

Pick Up Your Personal Snack

The 150-pax snack set includes three different types of snacks and a beverage. Each person can pick up his or her own snack box, containing three snacks. For convenience, the drink may be tucked into the snack box too or served on the side.

Inside the box, you’ll find a shell curry puff, a chocolate eclair, and a chunk of traditional pandan cake. During the ordering process, you can select either Pokka packet drink or a 500ml bottle of mineral water to be included in each snack packet.

Upgrade to a More Filling Snack

If you’d like your guests to have a little more protein in their snack packs, you can upgrade to the next snack menu available from your favourite Singapore caterer. This snack menu requires a minimum order of 100 and comes at a price of $4 per person, or $4.28 with GST. In each box, there will be four different types of snacks and a drink.

Each packet contains a small serving of chicken nuggets, one vegetarian spring roll, one slice of butter cake, and one vanilla cream puff. The snack comes with a Pokka packet drink or a 500ml bottle of mineral water.

Consider the Needs of Muslim Guests

As a Halal caterer in Singapore, Eatz Catering is proud to provide clean, Halal food for all our buffets, receptions, and other offerings. Everything, from our packed snacks to our live stations, is maintained with the correct, clean ingredients, and our equipment, utensils, serving dishes, and kitchens are all kept within Halal requirements as well. If you’re inviting Muslim guests, you’ll be glad to know that they can enjoy themselves without concern.

Order Snacks or Meals

To order snack packs for any occasion, contact Eatz Catering or place your order online. If you’re hosting an event that will go on for several hours, remember that you also need to order from our corporate buffet or authentic buffet menus so that you can feed your guests a delicious lunch or dinner. Our packet meals or executive bentos are also a convenient option, requiring less setup and cleanup. Eatz Catering also offers corporate seminar catering for full days or half days. For weddings, we supply entire wedding catering packages designed to fit with your wedding schedule and your needs.

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