The Best of Both Worlds: The Fusion Asian Buffet

Sometimes, it’s impossible to choose between theĀ marvellous flavours of Nonya, Chinese, Thai, Malay, Singapore, and Japanese cuisine. Each of these styles of cooking incorporates so many unique and delicious elements that you wish you could enjoy them all at the same time. Now you can, with Eatz Catering’s Fusion Asian buffets.

A Myriad of Fusion Asian Buffet Options

The Fusion Asian buffets from Eatz Catering incorporate dishes and delicacies from a variety of Asian cultures. Ten different buffet sets are available, each one with a slightly different menu selection available. The first option, at a per-person price of $7.80, offers a blend of quality and value, while the most lavish option, for $27.80, serves 30 people an extravagant meal. If you’re planning on having about 50 guests at your gathering, your best option may be the second Fusion Asian Buffet Set for a minimum of 50 people, at a price point of $9.80 per guest. It’s a 10-course meal which includes beverages for everyone!

Attractive Appetizers

Each section of the Eatz Catering online menu allows you to select one dish to serve for that particular course. For the appetizer course, your choices consist of Vegetable Spring Rolls, Crab Nuggets, or Chicken Wu Xiang on picks. You can also opt for an Indian-style dish, Curry Triangle Samosas.

Tasty Chicken

For the first entree, you get a choice of four delicious types of chicken. The Italian Baked Chicken is the most exotic choice, but the Chicken Curry with Potatoes is also a popular option. Sweet-Sour Chicken with Capsicum or Honey-Baked Hoisin Chicken Wings are also available.

Seafood Delights

Celebrate the bounty of the sea with a second course of fish. Select a Dory fillet with authentic Thai sauce, or go with a simple yet delicious Garlic Butter Fish Fillet or a Black Pepper Fish Fillet. You could also choose the Golden Fish Fillet with sweet sour sauce for your buffet’s fish course.

Dumplings or Poultry

Next up is the third course, again featuring chicken in various forms. BBQ Char Siew Chicken Pau is a crowd-pleaser, but Chicken Siew Mai is equally tasty. You could also forgo these options in favour of Steamed Soon Kueh with chilli sauce.

More Delicacies

The next main course features specialty dishes. Select a seafood option, like Crab Roe Nuggets, or go the vegetarian route with Golden Creamy Spinach on picks.

Vegetable Variations

If you have vegetarian guests, you’ll want to pay close attention to this portion of the menu. Buttered Garlic Broccoli and Carrots are a classic choice, while Curry Vegetables add spice. Other choices include Thai-style Mixed Vegetables and Fried Celery with Mushrooms and Carrots.

Fabulous Fried Rice

Fried rice is a staple of many Asian cuisine styles. We incorporate options like Chinese Seafood Fried Rice, Thai-Style Pineapple Fried Rice, and Salted Fish Fried Rice with bean sprouts into our Fusion Asian buffet selection.

Noodle Dishes

For the eighth main course, choose a satisfying noodle dish to fill your guests’ stomachs. Available options are our Singapore-Style Fried Bee Hoon, Fried Mee Tai Mak with vegetables, signature Wok Mee Goreng with tomatoes, or Nonya Dry Mee Siam, served with condiments.

The Dessert Course

For dessert, you can order one of four different options. An assortment of Cream Puffs and Chocolate Eclairs or a mixture of Cream Puffs and Brownies is perfect for American or European guests, while Asian guests might prefer a traditional dessert like Sweet Longan with grass jelly or with Mango Bean Curd.

Fresh Beverages

You can select one kind of refreshing beverage for your guests to enjoy along with their meal. The choices for this buffet set include an Apple Cordial or an Aloha fruit punch.

If you are looking for a halal caterer in Singapore or you wish to have to opportunity of tasting the incredible flavours of each of the asian cuisines, then wait no further and contact Eatz Catering today!

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